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      Xiaomi 14 Ultra (Quick Look) - Lens Like No Other

      The new flagship effort from Xiaomi brings with it a bolstered and improved collection of camera lenses, as well as featuring a more powerful chip, a better display, and a more wear-resistant nano-tech vegan leather casing.

      Audio transcription

      "Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
      It's all about Xiaomi now, which actually have been active on the Scandinavian markets for some time, but they've mainly launched sort of their, not their cheaper, well also their cheaper, but mainly their basic sort of mainstream, mainline models."

      "And they've kept the ultra variants to the Chinese market and others.
      The reasons for that is that perhaps it's just more complicated launching like advanced high-end flagship hardware in a global markets.
      And additionally, they might not have thought initially that they had a place in the Danish or the Scandinavian marketplace."

      "Well now they're here.
      This is the 14 Ultra as is pretty clearly glanced through the camera Mesa that is housed on the back of this phone, which is still as is with many flagships, its main features.
      But before we get to the camera module here, let's go over the phone because there's just a lot of good news here."

      "So for one Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, of course, up to 16 gigs of LPDDR5X RAM, up to 512 gigs of UFS 4.0 storage, a 5,000 milliamp hour battery, which is great.
      It has 90 Watts wire charging through a charger that comes in the box.
      And it also has 80 Watt wireless charging."

      "Of course, you can't just get that on a normal conventional wireless charging pad.
      You'll have to buy one separately from Xiaomi.
      But if you want, you can and 80 Watts wireless is incredibly impressive.
      It also, of course, has reverse wireless charging if you want to charge something off the back of the phone."

      "There's also Dolby Atmos stereo speakers.
      Beyond that, obviously, are Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4, IP68, dust and water resistance, double SIM tray.
      It weighs 219 grams, which is something."

      "It's definitely has heft, but it has an old school feeling, which is very, very nice, obviously.
      Apart from that, it has all of the things that you'd expect.
      It has a nice underscreen fingerprint reader, one of the newer modules, which is very nice."

      "It has a fake leather backplate.
      This is white, but it's just, it reminds me that I want companies like Apple to ditch the metal and the glass and go for these faux leather backplates because it's just warmer, nicer to the touch."

      "What is obviously unknown for me as a reviewer is whether this will like this color over time or whether or not it will get smudgy and not very nice to look at.
      But so far right now, it looks absolutely awesome.
      And it has this scalloped ridge down here on the sides, which create this more ergonomic feel in the hand."

      "Very, very sweet.
      In front here, we have your typical, all things considered, all features display.
      So it's a 6.73 inch AMOLED 120 Hertz display.
      It has LTPO technology, meaning that it can scale from 1 Hertz to 120 Hertz, depending on the content shown."

      "It peaks at around 3000 nits peak brightness.
      It's TUV Rheinland certified, meaning that you're probably not going to get the rainbowing effects off axis, and you're probably going to get validated colors.
      So the thing is, this has everything, is the summary of the little talking block there."

      "All of the expectations you would have of a normal, traditional high-end smartphone flagship is here.
      So what about this camera module right here?
      Well, like previously, Xiaomi collaborates directly with Leica."

      "And Leica has not only done the color tuning here, the profiles, the different shooting modes, they tuned the lenses, which makes such a big difference in terms of what you can actually get from this.
      I've been shooting with it."

      "Just reset it because we're sending it back to Xiaomi in a little while, but I've been shooting with it for a few weeks.
      And this 23 millimeter, one inch sensor from Leica with OIS is just like beggar's belief.
      It's particularly in the monochromatic Leica shooting modes that it really shines because I'm not a photograph expert."

      "I'm not very good at that stuff, but I am good at smartphone cameras.
      And what this is, is the monochromatic black and white shooting modes.
      It's a profile.
      It's not just draining the color out of a given scene."

      "It's highlights, it's shadows, it's punchy blacks.
      It's just absolutely beautiful.
      And there's so much fun in here that it's awesome to play with.
      And even if you just don't like all the Leica stuff, it's just some of the best detail-oriented, high dynamic range main shooter pictures that I've ever seen from a smartphone."

      "Beyond that, you have a Leica floating 75 millimeter telephoto, which works in concert with a 120 millimeter periscope 5X optical zoom array.
      So you'll get the benefit of plenty of zoom and you get it both in periscope formats and this floating lens thing."

      "And finally, you have a 12 millimeter, 50 megapixel, 120 to 22 degree ultrawide.
      Now ultrawides can definitely get a wider in their FOVs and we've seen that.
      So getting only 122 degrees, I would love it for a Xiaomi to copy some of OnePlus's homework and go for wider FOVs in this fisheye kind of lens."

      "That's where ultrawide becomes more fun ultimately, because you could just capture more in a scene without having to move backwards.
      But be that as it may, in terms of color tuning, in terms of versatility from the cameras, it's an awesome piece of hardware."

      "And it really does complete a package, which is expensive by the way.
      Here in Denmark, for instance, this really does match the S23, S24 Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it is way more expensive than something like the Google Pixel 8 Pro.
      So you have to really want it, but if you do get it, you'll get a smartphone which really does sing on like all facets."

      "So good on Xiaomi to launch it here.
      It makes all the sense in the world.
      Thank you so much for watching."





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