Sage Barista Touch Impress - Impressive in More Than Name Alone

If you're looking for a mean cup of Joe and want a machine that takes itself seriously, Sage has your back.

Audio transcription

"Welcome everyone to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
It's that special time again because we're dealing with a product from Sage, a company which I was just introduced to a couple of years ago when I finally sat down to properly investigate what a good cup of coffee would look like at home with proper machinery, not just the ones that I was used to making."

"And Sage just kept coming up until we finally got the opportunity to test the original Sage Barista Touch, a machine which I sat here on this very show and said numerous times that I was completely in love with due to a number of pretty sort of factual reasons, but also just because sometimes you can't control what kind of items you throw yourself at and completely fall in love with."

"And it's exactly the same with this newer model.
This is called the Sage Barista Touch Impress, Impress as in being impressed, and you can kind of look at it as sort of a plus model.
There's a number of different sort of key upgrades over the regular Sage Barista Touch, which also means that that original model, which you can still buy, is cheaper in many stores now, and it's still a fantastic piece of hardware."

"So if you're looking for a coffee machine, which takes itself rather seriously, well then I would really urge you to go out and invest in that one.
So if you want the Impress, well, there's a number of key factors here, one of which is just the overall fit and finish and the design."

"So it's all stainless steel here, and everywhere it's kind of had this more swooping effect implemented across the entire design.
So all of these stainless steel panels that are being put together all have these softer lines which glides into one another."

"You can pretty much see it down here as well, where it almost sort of whooshes around.
It's definitely, I would say, more expensive to manufacture these panels than something which is more straightened and easily fits together.
So it definitely speaks to Sage's ability to design something which immediately catches the eye and looks both professional and something which you can imagine on your kitchen home counter in every single home."

"I think it looks absolutely gorgeous.
Many of the same systems are here in place.
So you have this little rubber-connected trough up here where you obviously put your coffee beans, which then leads to the grinder down here, and then begins the extraction inside the machine itself."

"And again, the process is very much akin to the original Sage Barista Touch.
You have your water tank back here with built-in water filter where you can assess by yourself with little strips that you get with every single coffee machine that Sage sells a way to test the harshness of your water in your taps in order to dial in how much sort of anti-calcium you want this little water filter in the water tank to be able to ooze out."

"You can buy replacements.
I'm about to buy a replacement now because we've used this throughout the test window quite extensively.
We use it every single day and it's just fantastic."

"Now obviously there are more similarities down here.
This is to catch excess water.
This obviously the basket is where you would insert it into the main stamp in order to start the extraction, but your eyes may be drawn to this aggregate here in the right side."

"This is where sort of the Impress, the Plus model stuff starts to come in.
It's the brand new puck system.
It acts as sort of a funnel for the coffee grounds, which basically means that before you start, you insert here as you would, and then you begin the grounding of the beans, which then ultimately lands inside the actual filter inside the actual basket here at the bottom."

"And then you have this.
This is a lever, which does what is called tamping.
That basically means that through this lever, the machine basically feels out whether or not you've added the 10 kilograms necessary in order for the extraction to be as effortless as possible."

"There's a really basic science to this, but the main point is that through this little display here, which is somewhat the same as the original SageBrews to touch.
It's very, very user-friendly and works in seconds, and you can add your own coffees to it, basically make a whole lot of sort of personalizations that means that this coffee machine is very special to you."

"Now, point is that once you start with the three-step plan of making a cup of coffee, it will then grind the beans, deliver the amount that you have asked for inside the filter inside the basket, and then through a system, you start the tamping process.
Now, you might not get to the 10 kilograms immediately, and it has a little dialer inside that basically sees how much coffee there is in the actual basket."

"Even after you've begun the tamping process, that's how it measures if you've gotten to the 10 kilograms.
So if you do this a number of times and it kind of fastens and tightens, well, then it adds a little seven-degree twist, which is also something that's sort of very scientific in order to basically make the extraction as perfect as possible, then it'll give you a thumbs up, and then you can remove it, insert it over here, and begin the extraction."

"It's very simple, but it is what Sage does so incredibly well.
It is the blend, sorry for using that pun, it is the blend of having something very tactile and old school, like you feel like a barista, but then have the sort of the smartification of that exercise, which means that it just goes right every single time, and it's very easy for you to understand, even for strangers that arrive in your home, to get the right blend the first time around."

"Now, obviously, all of the regular sort of strong principles of Sage is very much here as well.
It delivers nine bars of pressure throughout the entire extraction, it delivers a 93-degree temperature all around throughout the entire process, thanks to, I think, at least a few thermostats, which work very well, and it delivers something called a million micro-foam bubbles, that is essentially the way it steams the milk."

"Now, there is a new design for this little temperature thermostat right here for the milk.
The problem with the original Sage Barista Touch was that this thermostat was buried in this little rubber dome here, meaning that it was difficult to get a proper read on it just by feel."

"Now, this, they've raised it up a little bit, so it's much easier, even if you're not using the can that comes with the Barista Touch Impress.
But overall, fantastic, a lovely piece of hardware, and something which very much will come up during our end-of-the-year review of the many hardware reviews we've done over the years."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one.





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