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GRTV News - Gears voice actor implies Gears 6 reveal this summer

The actor who voices JD Fenix seems to confirm the game's appearance at the Xbox Games Showcase in June.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another episode of GRTV News.
Today we're going to be talking about something that's coming up in the near future.
We don't actually know when, believe it or not. I know it's strange to think that it's coming up so soon yet we don't know when."

"But it's relating to something that we're expecting to be shown at the Xbox Game Showcase at an unspecified date in June.
I say unspecified date. These showcases usually happen around each other.
Especially when they're all taking place in LA alongside Summer Game Fest and Ubisoft Connect and stuff like that.
Of which we know Summer Game Fest is going to be on June 7th, I think. Ubisoft Connect on June 10th, I believe it was."

"Meaning, while we don't know the official date for it, we're assuming that the Xbox Game Showcase is going to be sort of like June 8th, June 9th, right?
A lot of people are saying June 9th, so we're going to go with that.
But what we're talking about here in particular is in regards to Gears of War.
Now, the series hasn't really been called Gears of War in a while. They just go by Gears these days."

"But yeah, the Coalition, the developer of the series, has been working on Gears 6 for a while.
And it looks like it's finally time to actually show the game off.
At least judging by something one of the voice actors has said.
So let's take a look at exactly what that is."

"So yes, Gears 5 voice actor heavily implies that Gears 6 will be announced in June.
Looks like it's time to get started on your Lancer's maintenance to make sure the chainsaw is in top condition.
Rumours have been swirling that the next Gears of War, likely Gears 6, will be unveiled this summer and will be incredibly impressive from a technical perspective."

"Now comes another round of rumours, and this time it's the voice actor behind JD, son of Marcus Fenix, Liam McIntyre, who confirms that via X that we'll find out more about the character's fate after the dramatic ending of Gears 5 in June.
So somebody here asked him on X, wait, so what's happening to JD? Is his death canon at Gears of War?
Of which Liam then replied, I have no idea. I think Gears of War tells us all in June."

"So in June, we now know that Microsoft will have its usual Xbox Games showcase and several credible journalists and insiders have said that we can expect to see what the Coalition has been working on since they released Gears 5 in 2019. And after McIntyre's statement, this now seems even more likely.
So yeah, we've known for a while that Xbox were going to be hosting their showcase in June."

"They confirmed it as much back in January when they did the developer direct, which only had sort of like five games in it.
But yes, it looks like Gears 6 is basically a surefire shoo-in for it.
I, you know, these big showcases, they often take a look at the immediate things that are coming up.
So I think we can assume that Avowed and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, they're going to be present as is something like Aura History Untold."

"And those are the sort of Xbox games that are coming up.
But at the same time, they will sort of give us teasers as to what's in the future for the, for Xbox and the Xbox Game Studios family and what they're developing, including titles that were revealed last year during the showcase."

"Things like Clockwork Revolution. I would be surprised if we didn't get another update on that.
Fable, another game that we, you know, we've been waiting for a while now.
So expect, I would expect those things to be present in some form.
Just another trailer, most likely. Maybe a release date or release window for some of those games."

"But yes, it looks like Gears 6 is going to be part of that.
Now, I've said this before, as much as the Coalition has been working on Gears 6 for a while, and as much as I'm assuming we'll get Gears 6 relatively soon, I don't think it will be 2025.
I would be very surprised if it's, sorry not 2025, I would be very surprised if it's 2024."

"And I would be a little bit surprised, actually, if it's 2025.
I think that we could be looking at, like, at the earliest to late 2025 release for Gears 6, because, you know, this is a big game. This is a big game and a big franchise for Xbox and Microsoft.
So, you know, I think they'll give the Coalition the time they need to make sure it's delivered in the way that it needs to be."

"But again, we'll know more, most likely in June. I say most likely in June.
It seems like definitely in June, judging by what Liam McIntyre has been saying.
But yeah, let us know what you think about it. Are you excited for more Gears?
Do you like Gears 5? Do you like the direction the series took?
Tell us all about it in the comments below."

"And otherwise, stay tuned for the last GRTV News from me tomorrow.
Yes, on Friday. So stay tuned for that. Otherwise, we'll see you all on the next one.
Take care, everyone."





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