Games To Look For - May 2024

We take a look at the biggest and most exciting games coming to PC and consoles throughout the month of May.

Audio transcription

"The Spring is almost here and while many of you are likely raring to get outside to soak up the sun, we gamers are preparing to hunker down once again and to enjoy the latest slate of new launches and arrivals that are planned throughout the month of May."

"While there are only a few really promising games this month, there are a whole collection of indie darlings to keep an eye out for, as well as a ton of strategy games and motorsporting projects to marvel at too.
With this in mind, let's dive into the latest episode of Games to Look For."

"The season of sports games is upon us.
Now that we're pretty much in the summer, we're seeing the usual slate of sports games making their arrival, and this is beginning with this year's instalment in the MotoGP series."

"This iteration on the series sees the introduction of a bunch of new features including race stewards to monitor and ensure rules are followed, broader style options, a better adaptive difficulty and accessibility suite and more, but at the core, you will still get the same great racing as you've become used to the series offering."

"But at the core, you will still get the same great racing as you've become used to the series offering.
Subnautica is a master at nailing the feeling of basilophobia, but for the upcoming underwater adventure of Endless Ocean Luminous, the theme is more about wondrous exploration instead."

"This game tasks you to dive beneath the azure waves to document and catalogue the variety of creatures that call the oceans home.
You'll be able to do so either alone or with a group of up to 30 players online, which will be of the utmost use considering there are over 500 species of marine life to find and record, many of which are considered extinct or even mythical in nature."

"This survival horror game aims to make you reminisce about the 90s.
Crow Country is an isometric experience that sees players exploring a dilapidated and now defunct theme park to discover the truth behind its closure and the horrific and terrifying rumours that sprouted from its final days in operation."

"With puzzle systems and meaningful exploration, this indie game is ideal for those looking for an atmospheric and creepy game this May.
Another indie gem this May, Animal Well is a surreal labyrinthian platformer that asks the player to survive and overcome the threats of many differing animal creatures that lurk within the world."

"Using puzzling gameplay, secrets behind every corner, a pixel art style made using a custom engine built to render pixel art and even level design and gameplay that takes inspiration from the survival horror genre, this is an indie to watch out for.
There are only a few strategy series that are as storied and expansive as that of the Homeworld franchise."

"Over the years this broad and sprawling series has given us some truly remarkable video games and this May is looking to continue that trend with the promising and complex Homeworld 3.
Bringing galactic and highly detailed strategic battles, modern and impressive visuals and a new gripping story that picks up after the events of Homeworld 2, this is not a game to miss if you're a strategy fan."

"The iconic indie game is making its return this month with a fresh coat of paint.
The great anniversary edition sees the platformer back and better than ever, at a higher resolution, better framerate with enhanced and more detailed visuals and the opportunity to switch back and experience the original appearance of the game at the click of a button."

"The only catch of note is that due to the way the Microsoft Store refreshes, the Xbox versions of the game will be dropping on May 15th, a day after the PC and PlayStation editions.
We may already have received one Prince of Persia 2D platformer this year, but this may seize the arrival or partial arrival of another."

"The Rogue Prince of Persia is a roguelike game made by the Dead Cells support studio Evil Empire, a game that sees the iconic platforming hero flipping and fighting through a vibrant world in an effort to protect his people from an invading force.
It will be debuting as an early access experience on PC, meaning console players will have to wait until the inevitable full launch sometime in the future."

"It wouldn't be unreasonable to state that Senua's Saga Hellblade 2 is the most anticipated game of May 2024.
Ninja Theory's sequel will take us back to a haunting and frightening world to once again step into the shoes of the psychosis-suffering Senua as she explores and attempts to survive in a cruel version of Viking Iceland."

"With hyper-realistic visuals, a visceral combat suite and a world built using real locations, this is definitely not a game to miss, especially since it's a day one game pass arrival.
Another indie gem for the month of May, Haunty is a twin-stick game that sees players exploring a world of the undead using their haunting powers to command creatures and the environment in order to solve puzzles and overcome combat situations."

"The main aim of this game is to uncover the truth behind Haunty's life and to do so you'll need to build constellations, trade with other ghosts and solve challenges while exploring the beautifully animated world.
One of the last first party games that we know is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door is a remake of the Gamecube classic, fit with modern graphics and visuals, yet with the brilliance of the original's gameplay and story preserved and offered back up in full."

"Regarded as the biggest Switch launch of the month, this could also be one of the last major games to ever debut exclusively on Nintendo's hybrid platform.
We all enjoyed our time mucking about in Multiversus during it's beta phases last year.
However, it's been a long time since that day and since that period the game has been taken offline, massively updated and adjusted and is now ready to return bolder and better than ever."

"Having a stacked cast made up of Warner Bros' most iconic characters, this brawler will be free to play, crossplay enabled and delivering action using Unreal Engine 5 going forward.
The Australian Spitfire Interactive is putting it's own spin on the strategy superhero space this May when Capes makes it's arrival on PC and consoles."

"This game is all about saving an oppressed city from the grips of a vindictive villainous faction using a troop of hunted underground heroes.
If you enjoy the strategic battles that Marvel's Midnight Suns offered, you'll no doubt find a lot to appreciate here."

"We started the month with a motorsports title and we're ending it with something similar too.
F-124 will be coming earlier than expected and in time for the European portion of the regular season."

"Bringing with it updated physics models and handling systems, ways to experience the career in the shoes of your favourite drivers and deeper online activities, this year's entry into the series is not one to miss.
That concludes this month's instalment of Games to Look For, be sure to return in a few weeks time when we see what June 2024 has in store for gamers around the world."





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