Twisted Minds 24 FHD IPS (Quick Look) - Gaming Gear with a Twist

This display is for those who favour fast and fluid visuals over pure graphical detail. It's a FullHD panel with a 1ms response time and a high refresh rate, making it ideal for FPS players and those who like to compete.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor quick look.
This time we're taking a look at another monitor from Twisted Minds.
If you haven't seen the first video we did, it was essentially just a slightly larger, slightly more expensive, and slightly better specced version of this display."

"If you don't know Twisted Minds, they're essentially kind of a new incumbent to the monitor scene and they are seemingly financed by the United Arab Emirates, which is not bad because they've actually spent a lot of money sort of getting invested in gaming companies, both those companies that make the games, but also peripherals and other kinds of hardware all across the globe."

"And Twisted Minds is their attempt at making budget-friendly monitors.
And say what you will, but if there's one thing this is, this is by the way called the TM24FHD180IPS.
That is a terrible name, but in fact, it makes a lot more sense than other long names that we see in this business."

"So TM is obviously Twisted Minds, 24 is the size of the monitor, FHD is the resolution, so 1080p, 180 is the hertz rate, so that's 180 hertz, and it's an IPS panel.
So by reading the name of the monitor, you pretty much get all of the important stats or the specs, well, basically told."

"So I think in that particular regard, it kind of makes sense.
So the first thing that you understand is that this monitor is cheap.
It's around $120.
Now that is me directly translating and retracting somewhat based on what the fluctuations of various currencies."

"So what I will say is that from Twisted Minds' own site, it's 575 dirham, which is the local United Arab Emirates currency, and that can be sort of wholesale translated to $150, but again, you can add and subtract based on how you usually translate these kinds of currencies.
So bear that in mind, because this feels very cheap."

"One way to see that is that while this stand here is some kind of metal, it is the flimsiest, lightest metal that you could possibly find.
There are three screws here that tie the monitor to the back of it, and it all feels pretty cheap."

"I mean, there's no thumbscrew here that means that you don't need a screwdriver.
That's something that you absolutely do need.
I will say that I do think that this 24-inch model looks slightly higher quality just from a design perspective next to something like the other one, the 27-inch one that we took a look at some months back."

"What I will also say is that it comes with this, which feels like it's like a charger for a toothbrush.
It is not only is it sort of semi-proprietary, it is a straight-up barrel plug, meaning that you could find it, but the good old-fashioned sort of three-prong or the sort of H-shape that you get in some monitors is nowhere to be seen here, meaning that if you lose this, you're probably going to have to source one, not directly from Twisted Minds, but you're going to have to go to an electronics store if the cable snaps or something like that."

"But be that as it may, it has HDMI 2.0, it has a DisplayPort, a DisplayPort, I'm guessing that's 1.4, and it is really light and incredibly sort of easy to maneuver, and I'm guessing that if you just wanted a small gaming display, you would get one really cheap here, and you also obviously get the guarantee when you buy something new rather than used."

"So, what do you get from sort of a panel perspective?
Well, it's a fast IPS panel, that means gray-to-gray response times of 0.5 milliseconds, which for a lot of people is fine, it's 1080p, obviously, FHD, 180Hz, that's just fine.
Now, there is some things that it can do, but it's not made for, so it is G-Sync and FreeSync compatible, but there's no module or anything like that, and it's not FreeSync Premium, that would mean a closer knit relationship with AMD and possibly a higher price point, which this obviously doesn't have."

"It says contrast is 1000 to 1, but while we haven't done color gamut coverage tests on this, I would eat my shoes if this covers the sRGB color gamut, and while they say that it's HDR-ready, they don't say like what nit-peak brightness this can either peak at or sustain, meaning saying that it's HDR-ready means absolutely nothing, like is this HDR-400?
It certainly does not have a VESA display HDR certification, so take that with a grain of salt."

"No, what this mostly is, is it's gonna be a responsive gaming experience, 180Hz at 1080p with 0.5 milliseconds response time, that's perfectly reasonable, and for $120, $150, it's actually quite good.
So, it's easy for me to sit here with all of the expensive monitors that we get through and say that this feels cheap and flimsy and light, but in terms of sort of buying people a gaming monitor for a present or something like that, I mean, there's a really good central reason to buy this, because it's just very cheap."

"So, be that as it may, thank you so much for watching."





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