SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 Wireless (Quick Look) - Sound Matters

SteelSeries has unveiled a new headset, which has a 60+ hour battery, detailed neodymium drivers, support for the new Nova 5 Companion App that opens the door over 100 game-specific audio pre-sets, and a cross-platform design making it easy to connect to most PC, consoles and phones.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
While SteelSeries makes way too many headsets, way too many for us to pick one at random that we can recommend to you, I think most people would be able to agree, and certainly people here, that the general design philosophy regarding the way that they make headsets are very nice."

"That means that they produce lovely sound, but it's also just the fact that they have a nice philosophy and a nice sort of design tradition surrounding their hardware, and that is very much maintained and delivered again here in the cheaper Nova 5 Wireless.
Now, the main thing is that the Nova, the Arctis Nova series, is mainly there as sort of a budget friendly."

"Now, you can get them in the Nova Pro range, which are also much more expensive than this.
This would be the equivalent, I think, around $150 if it was directly translated into US, but we don't know that price exactly.
We're recording this ahead of the actual launch, so bear with us a little bit."

"But again, the point is, the main aspects of the Nova listening experience have very much been maintained here.
So that means these lovely breathable foam cushions here on the cups, this nice stretchy headband, which are below the actual brace, meaning that what your head will come in contact with is this rather than this."

"And regardless of how much memory foam you put on the underside of this brace, it'll still be more uncomfortable than if you just have a stretchy headband.
And this has that, and that is very good.
Beyond that, you also have a really nice retractable microphone, meaning that for all of those instances where you're not using it, it goes back and is stored inside the cup."

"Now, I don't know why other headset manufacturers don't do this.
They either make it detachable, meaning that you could lose it.
They also make it so that it kind of is stored around the cup itself, which is also not very nice."

"This is just very neat.
Also, here at the back, there are just a whole host of buttons around the side of the cups that might immediately look confusing because you're not looking at them when you are using it."

"But I would say consider this, headsets that have like one or two buttons have to be multi-purpose, meaning that there's one function for a long press and one for two and one for three and one for a gentle tap, and it all becomes very difficult to learn, even over long stretches of time."

"Whereas with this, once you get the feel out, it's very quick to see where is the mute, where is the little volume knob, where is the mode switcher and the on off button.
It's just very, very neat to overall use, and I think that's perfect for this kind of thing."

"Now, it is wireless, so that means that you are reliant on this little dongle here.
It is shaped in sort of an odd way.
It's definitely sort of shaped so it can fit a Nintendo Switch, which it does.
Whether or not it will immediately fit if you have custom controllers or something like that, that is very much something that I'm not going to be able to discuss at this point."

"But it does support PC, PlayStation 5, MetaQuest 2, Switch, most mobiles, now even iPhones due to the USB Type-C port, so it is incredibly universal.
That is nice.
And it also has Bluetooth mode switching, meaning that you can have this insert, let's say your Switch, and if you have a Bluetooth connection to your phone, if someone calls you, it'll switch over to Bluetooth and take that call."

"Very, very nice.
It's made with this ABS plastic frame, and if I have one criticism to level at it, it's that some of the ABS plastic doesn't feel nearly as high quality as it probably should, even at this price point."

"But I will also say that where it matters, sort of the cushions, the stretchy headband, it feels very comfortable to use.
The only thing that I noticed was that there is a lot, that there's really not a lot of swivel the other way, so you can swivel it all the way this, in this direction, but here it stops there, meaning that it's weirdly rigid in some ways."

"But again, 60 hours of battery life for around $150 with this level of fit and finish is very nice.
So thank you so much for watching, see you on the next one."





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