iPad Pro 13-Inch 2024 (Quick Look) - Outrageous Performance, Breakthrough Display

We've got our hands on the latest iteration of the Apple iPad Pro to see how it's M4 chip and its Ultra Retina XDR display combine to elevate the tablet experience.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a Gamereactor Quick Look, it's iPad time.
And while we have reviewed some of the remaining iPads in the lineup over the past couple of years, it's been hard to avoid the fact that Apple just didn't really launch any new ones for a long time."

"But now they have.
And this iPad in front of you right here, which is the 13-inch iPad Pro with M4 is significant for a number of different reasons.
So the first one, I'm going to have to remove it here from the magic keyboard in order to show you, is from this angle."

"This is 5.1 millimeters thick with no compromises in battery, mind you.
And that means that this is Apple's thinnest product ever launched.
So thinner than almost all of the regular small-ish iPods that you think of back in the middle of the 2000s before the iPhone launch."

"This is incredibly thin.
And it is very impressive to think that you get all of this technology and all of these heat-creating components in such a thin chassis where there is no basic hit to battery life compared to the last generation of iPad Pro models."

"That in and of itself, I think, makes it worth it to at least pay attention to what they're doing here.
So inside this incredibly thin chassis, you find the M4 chip.
Now, it's too early for us to say anything definitive about the M4 chip."

"It's curious that Apple chose to introduce the regular M4 in an iPad first and not in the regular old MacBook Air and that stuff.
But here we are.
This is the M4."

"And it seems to be a more gradual upgrade than some of the other more leapfroggy upgrades that we've seen from the M line of Apple's own silicon.
But they do claim four times faster rendering than the regular M2, which is the closest comparison, and a 1.5 times faster CPU than the regular M2."

"So you get much more horsepower in here.
The question is, will you be needing it?
Well, that is very difficult to say.
Because while a lot of creators out there say, why put 800 horsepower in a car which still has to adhere to the speed limit?
Well, the thing is, it's probably not meant for them."

"And the people that I know that uses iPads creatively, they need all the horsepower they can get.
The question is whether or not the ecosystem within the iPad can take advantage of that.
And for much more on that, we have to wait for WWDC in like a couple of weeks to see where the next version of iPadOS will take us."

"There is some sense, at the very least, that you need to understand the confines of iPadOS in order to utilize these horsepower much more efficiently.
But overall, to get a new chip is a nice upgrade.
What else should they have done?
So new chip, thin, lovely chassis, no hit to battery life."

"What about this screen?
Well, there's two things that you should know about the screen.
First off, this is the nanotexture glass version.
That's why it looks matte."

"Does it look matte on camera?
I think it kind of does.
It at the very least should appear much more matte on camera as well.
And you can choose to have the nanotexture glass option if you want, or you can choose not to."

"In fact, Apple puts it on their website that you should probably know a lot about your working conditions to either select the nanotexture glass or not.
Because there is a little bit of hit to contrast, brightness, and some of the inky dark blacks that you would get by utilizing this option."

"But conversely, you don't get any glare.
It's basically an anti-reflective coating.
So in that particular regard, it's very much more appealing for the eyes to look at at long stretches of time, I would say."

"It is also a ProMotion display.
That's 120 hertz.
Very good.
Also what Apple calls an Ultra Retina XDR display.
So this is actually an OLED, which is very exciting."

"That's what we've been wanting iPads to have for such a long time now.
But Apple being Apple, this is not just a standard OLED.
It's what they call a tandem OLED.
That means that there are two OLED displays here running in tandem with one another."

"That should basically mean that you get the inky blacks that you know from OLEDs alongside a high peak brightness HDR work environment, peaking at around 1,600 nits, basically.
So you get the HDR performance and you get the saturation and the depth that you would want.
Very, very cool."

"They've moved the camera now to this bit right here.
You can still mount your pen at the top, but now the camera's there, which is very nice.
It has center stage, all of the stuff that you would want.
Through the USB Type-C port, the M4 chip enables 40 gigabits per second data transfer speeds with Wi-Fi 6E and 5G."

"And well, this is the best iPad.
That's the long and short of it.
This is the best iPad.
And if you want the best iPad and you work with iPads in general, well, then you should probably get this one because the amount of horsepower, the thinness, the new and upgraded Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, which we've done separate videos on, are all just making sure that you work your very best with your iPad workflow."

"So it's very easy for me to recommend, but we will be fully diving into it in a full review.
Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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