Apple Pencil Pro (Quick Look) - Precision Like Never Before

This upgraded version of Apple's Pencil features an improved gyroscope to deliver higher levels of precision, as well as including a custom haptics engine, and a new sensor in its barrel to open up new usage mechanics.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look, it's iPad time and I'm very, very excited.
We're doing a couple of different videos on this entire setup here which is the brand new M4 powered iPad Pro 13-inch because we're doing one on the Magic Keyboard which I have just down there, one on the iPad itself and then obviously this."

"So you might recognize this from the briefing yourself, it looks like a regular Apple Pencil which by now comes in a few different flavors depending on what kind of iPad you're using and what kind of connector that iPad itself is using and how it's docking that pencil.
So with one you have the little tip that has a USB type C port hidden in there and you can also get the regular one which also charges magnetically on the side of the iPad."

"Again a few different options but this is a brand new one and you can see that on this little side here where it says Apple Pencil Pro.
That means that it's slightly more expensive, around $150-ish and it offers some features which are exclusive to this pencil."

"That is very exciting for a, well I would say a niche audience because while a lot of people I know in this creative field uses iPads, not a lot are using the iPads for the creative work that would necessitate a really strong pencil workflow.
Now it does occur and we have to respect that those kind of creatives do exist out there and they've been crying out for some of the features that the Pencil Pro offers."

"So the first thing I should probably say is that I won't be able to demonstrate much of these features because I am not an illustrator, I'm not an artist but what I can tell you is that how this looked during the presentation and the few things that I do have direct experience with."

"So for one, I think that it's dumb that this is white.
The thing about Apple's pro, really pro level gear is that it becomes black.
The charging cable for this iPad, the 13-inch is black because it clearly indicates that there's a tonal shift in what you'll be using it for."

"So I think that should have been there and my other gripe is that one thing that people have been really asking for is for the other tip to be an eraser or basically just a tool so that if you wanted to erase, all you would do is like a regular pencil, flip it around and then you would be able to erase what you've done or some other feature depending on what the illustrator in question wants out of the experience."

"That's not here.
What is here is a brand new squeeze function.
When you squeeze and this is where we come to a point where I won't be able to illustrate this perfectly on the iPad, there is a haptic feedback that runs through a haptic motor that runs the length of the pen."

"Once you do that, you'll get access to contextual functions such as you can change tool, the thickness of that tool and the color of that tool.
That provides really easy access to a lot of settings that an illustrator really needs on the fly and would normally need to set up by tapping around a user interface to do, but now it's all here."

"There is also a gyroscope built in now, meaning that when you twist it, some things can happen.
That basically means that if you rotate, you can rotate through sub menus, for instance, and then select if that's what you want.
There are even apps now that have you rotate to select a tool, which happens to exist around the pen tip of the Apple Pencil Pro and then select by squeezing."

"Really cool.
And as I said, there is haptic feedback now, which works very, very well.
It also supports all of the other features that we've gotten from previous Apple Pencils.
So one thing I can tell you, I don't know if this shows, but it has a hover feature, meaning that as I draw it across the iPad line here, I can basically highlight different apps if that's what you want."

"And that becomes much more contextually useful within illustration apps, which takes full advantage of the pen.
As I said, I really like the Apple Pencil.
I always have."

"I've found it hard to find use cases for it, but it seems like that for the people that needs good Apple Pencils, this has gone down really well.
So for much more on iPads and this iPad in particular, stay tuned to Game Rancher."





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