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This updated Magic Keyboard is designed for the brand new M4-powered iPad Pro, and is built to be thinner, lighter, more versatile, and more portable than any version before it.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look, it's iPad time, it's finally iPad time and it's years since I've had to say that last time and it's very exciting.
This is the brand new iPad Pro, the 13-inch model to be specific, and while we will do a full video on the iPad Pro itself, this time we're talking about this, the keyboard in which it now resides, because this is the brand new Magic Keyboard, they finally did a redesign and I was nervous to say the very least, because I was under the assumption that they might change things around more significantly and I loved, loved the original Magic Keyboard for a couple of reasons."

"For one, I wanted a keyboard back when they initially, like when the first CAT scans were revealed, one where I could use the iPad as an iPad when I wanted to, but quickly transform that iPad into a laptop when that was what the situation required.
Also, I wanted it to be completely seamless with charging magnets, like the pin system that basically means that you wouldn't have to charge this up by itself, which you have to with some tablet accessories, and I wanted it to be sleek and Apple-esque in its sort of stature, build, quality, and design, and they delivered that with the first Magic Keyboard."

"They've since gone back to the drawing board and they've now given us this, this is the brand new Magic Keyboard and there's a couple of new things that I think is worth highlighting.
For one, we got a whole function row up here now, which gives us access to a whole host of contextual buttons, meaning that it's easier to app switch, turn the volume up or down, play and pause."

"It just means that this becomes more laptop-y immediately when it sits inside the Magic Keyboard.
Very, very nice.
You might also immediately see the larger trackpad here."

"No, it is not as large as a forced trackpad on a MacBook Pro, but it is much more realistic and I would say just fits the expectation of what a regular laptop user would want, and it also now has haptic feedback.
That means that while it isn't clicking up or down, there is a haptic motor underneath the trackpad that makes sure that there is the tactile feedback whenever it is clicking."

"That means that it is absolutely more responsive to use on the daily.
Furthermore, it's basically the same keys as far as I can tell, and it just works wonders.
I type as well on this as any of the best typing experiences on keyboards and laptops that I've tried, so it's absolutely glorious to see this return in this particular regard here."

"Lastly, I don't know if you can tell from the lighting on this video, but the original Magic Keyboard kind of made the deck in this soft-touch rubber.
It felt nice, but it also perhaps didn't feel as premium as it possibly should have.
Well, now the deck is aluminum."

"The one thing that I don't know is that how does that affect the screen?
This is metal.
How does that affect the screen when the iPad is closed?
Well, I don't know yet, and I'll be reporting back as soon as I know something."

"They haven't really, as far as I can tell, reduced the weight.
It's not a weighty package in any sense of the word, but this is laptop, even though the iPad is this thin, it is definitely laptop-y weight.
But you have to think about it."

"This package right here will cost you a lot less than a MacBook Pro 14.
It will also probably cost you less than if you deck out a MacBook Air, like the new M3 MacBook Air.
I think in Danish kroner, the tablet is 9,000, and then you'll probably get the package up to around 12, 14."

"But then you have the pen, then you have the tablet, and then you have the Magic Keyboard.
And that's a lot of functionality for your money, and I think that is where it's at, basically.
For creatives that uses all of these different tools for various scenarios during a typical work day, it is an impressive package, I've got to say."

"So can't wait to try this out.
I'll review the Magic Keyboard separately, because you have to buy it separately, on the site.
So stay tuned for that."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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