Anker Soundcore Motion X600 (Quick Look) - The World's First Portable Hi-Fi Speaker

This spatial audio speaker is inspired by theatre acoustics and is designed to fill a room with sound all while being lightweight, portable, waterproof, and boasting a battery life able to last for 12 hours.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We've been pleading with Anker to send us some of their products for years and finally it has paid off."

"And the first thing that we're starting with is this.
This is the Soundcore X600 and it is a very interesting product.
Possibly exciting, but at the very least very interesting.
So for one, Anker themselves are claiming that this is the world's first portable high-fidelity speaker."

"And the high-fidelity part of that thing comes from a very specific set of supported codecs.
Specifically LDAC, which is a Bluetooth codec and it's also Hi-Res certified.
Now to give that a bit of context, the actual resolution of the sound played, if you again play the right audio files, utilizing the right amount of settings, well that is 990 kilobits per second."

"And that might mean nothing to you, but that is three times the amount of data being transferred outwards as regular Bluetooth.
Which means that it should be discernible to even the most average of listeners that this is more high-fidelity audio."

"And this is being played by a water-resistant sort of summertime nice speaker that you can carry around with you using a carrying handle.
It's kind of a weird, but also pretty wonderful mixture of two elements.
People that really listen intently to detailed soundscapes and people that just want some fun in the sun, basically."

"Now there is one compromise which we'll get to, but that compromise is not the build quality.
This is, according to Anker themselves, very waterproof.
It has an IPX7 rating, meaning that it can be fully immersed, not immersed, but squirted with water and not take any kind of damage."

"Now they have a little rubber cap here on the side for the ports where I'm guessing that it's not waterproof, but having that there obviously solves that problem.
Now it's not ATM resistant and it's not IP rated, it's IPX rated.
Meaning that it should be able to take a beating with water, but you probably don't want to go swimming with it."

"Basically, leave it out on a rainy day or buy a pool where people are sloshing water around.
You should be absolutely fine, which fits this sort of summer, daytime trip motif very, very well.
There's five drivers inside.
Each driver has their own amplifier, including one up-firing driver, and that amounts to 50 watts total."

"That's a lot for a small chassis, by the way, and it looks great as well.
It comes in this gray color that we have here, but it also comes in blue and green, so you're able to express yourself ever so slightly with that.
Now, above here, we have a few different buttons for functions."

"These look like that they are touch, but they are not.
That's really awesome.
They are actual physical buttons with tactile nature, popping up and down when it is that you press them."

"Very nice.
I like that, and that also means that when it is wet, there's no touch interface that can be misread or misapplied because it is an actual physical button, which you can press completely effortlessly if your hand is wet."

"Very, very good.
And it has this really cool aluminum handle, which I really much like.
So, about that compromise.
It's not the price."

"180 euros? That's not a lot.
No, it's the battery life, because while 12 hours on a charge is not nothing, it's not an entire day, meaning that if you were away for the entire day and you wanted some nighttime listening as well, you're going to have to charge it by the time the day is out."

"And we've seen Bluetooth speakers at the same size rate, maybe even a little bit larger, offer twice that or thrice that.
And that is basically due to the fact that it does offer up a pretty detailed soundscape, and I'm sure that those 50 watts worth of power, well, that drains the battery pretty quick, and they didn't want to make something which was too heavy."

"And this isn't heavy, by the way.
So, that is the one compromise, but apart from that, it's really cool, and I can't wait to listen to it more intently for a full review."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you on the next one."





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