We learn all about the JBL Live 3 TWS earbuds with Mikael Herje

JBL by Harman held a presentation at the lakeside in Madrid and we caught up with the headphones & wereables category director to take a closer look at the imminent, improved bluetooth earbuds.

Audio transcription

"Hi Gamereactor friends, we're in Madrid in this fantastic environment, we have the lake in the background and we are here joined by Mikael once again to learn all about new JBL products, specifically the earphones. This is the live lineup, new, about to be released, of your whole very crowded lineup of TWS earbuds. So what can you tell us about it? This is the live true wireless and it's the third generation of live and we really stepped up the efforts on this one to bring a really meaningful proposition to the market. The live 3 consists of amazing true adaptive noise cancellation, you get hi-res audio wirelessly, it comes in three different wearing styles so it actually addresses the need in the market for consumers that true wireless can be difficult to fit and we bring them then in three styles, Buds, Beam and Flex. In addition we also bring the smart charging case that we launched last year for easy navigation and control all of your features and functions no matter what device you're connected to. So about what you just mentioned, just to get it right, because I had some, for some viewers that may not know or may not be that much into your product lineup, so you guys have the Tune, the Live and the Tour, am I right?
Yeah, we also have the entry space, called Wave, Tune, Live and then we have Tour on top, which Tour is the high performance range, it has a limited model in the market in one wearing style, but there is our innovation pipeline, that's where you see the latest and greatest. So these are top of the line and then you have some exclusive products in the Tour Pro line. Okay, so we have the touch screen on the case, can you show us?
And then three different wearing styles as you mentioned, so what can you tell us, is it exactly the same screen we got last year or previous year or what type of? It's the same type of navigation screen, we've improved the UI UX, so it's faster, it's smoother, it's easier to navigate, different icons made it with language support, so you have local language support as well and it really enables you to access features and functions when you're on the call or when you're connected to a different device than your phone. And then about the sound, what can you tell us? You say there are three wearing styles that also affects the sound and the technology you guys have to implement inside the earbud for it to sound nice, am I right? That's right, but we all tune the True Wireless into the same algorithm and that's a JBL curve, so the sound experience will be the same on different wearing styles, so we don't discriminate on that, no no no, but the experience will be different because two of them are in ears and that's a sealed acoustical principle, then you lose kind of sense of your surroundings a bit, but for the Flex, which is a semi-open, you kind of have this more environmental control, you can hear stuff around you more. And then about the sound specifically, the mics you guys are using for noise cancellation, the quality of the sound itself, what can we find that is different coming from previous years and previous models? So the call quality is an important factor and we have increased the algorithms, so there's new algorithms for noise suppression when you're talking and having a conversation, there are additional microphones, improved microphones that also create this better pickup, we also have a new feature in these that we call private call and it's basically when you're in a really noisy surrounding like here, you can have two earbuds in your ear and then the beam forming microphones will pick up your voice, but if you need more voice clarity you can take one bud out and use it as mic as you go along."

"And that's exclusive for the new model? Exclusive for the premium models, yes.
And about the sound itself and the power or the quality that we are getting when listening to music, nothing about calls but about the sound quality itself, is there something that you have changed?
Absolutely, there's new drivers, improved driver elements, driver coils, moving coils, it's changed, so it's a huge improvement from the previous version."

"You also get high-resolution audio on these ones, they're also certified for higher resolution, so if you have content that is available in high-res, you also get that experience. One thing that I love and we've talked about before is the dongle with the Quantum TBS, you guys are not introducing them here yet?
Not in this one, is there something that we can expect to transcend gaming?
I think we see for gaming, I think you see a merging of lifestyle and gaming in a lot of spaces. On these, we do not have that dongle feature, but we have multipoints, you can connect via Bluetooth, it's Bluetooth 5.3 and with LE that these are ready for, that will be launched later, you also get super low latency on Bluetooth, so I think it will work well. I can see the colors here, what are the colors, the release details, I think it's releasing in a couple of weeks, and the price range for these ones. Price range on these will be 200 euros, they will be available in four colors, there is black, teal, purple and silver, and in three wearing styles. It's gonna come out in early June."

"Thank you so much for your time, Mikael."





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