LEGO vs. NVIDIA - Is building a PC as easy as LEGO? (Sponsored)

Sometimes a bet goes too far, and in Gamereactor's case, we were fortunate enough to have NVIDIA and Proshop sponsor a little internal competition as you can see in this video.

Audio transcription

"We're working with ProShop to highlight some of the amazing PC component deals they've got on offer over the next two weeks.
In the past, we've worked with NVIDIA to show off how easy a GPU replacement can be, but now we want to answer the question of how difficult is building a full PC from scratch in 2024."

"So, we've decided to show you just how easy building a gaming PC can be by comparing it to something many of you have done countless times, building a LEGO set.
Whilst we build the PC and walk you through the process of assembling our new gaming rig, Magnus will be doing what he does best and building a medium-sized LEGO set, all to demonstrate exactly how straightforward building a PC can be."

"Every single one of the components we've used in this video are currently on sale as part of the ProShop Super Day Sale.
More detail can be found in the video description.
However, for a more budget-friendly PC, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
We have naturally cheated and sped up some of the footage, but reading the install guides for each product can be done in a few minutes."

"And don't worry, you basically only need a screwdriver and a few zip ties, and to touch a conducting surface like a radiator to get rid of any built-up static charge.
Using the back of your hand if you need to.
The star of this build will be the NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Super GPU, which not only is easy to install but uses cutting-edge graphics technology and will ensure that our PC delivers the ultimate gaming experience."

"But more on that later.
We start out with the most essential, our ASUS Z790 Prime motherboard, which is both powerful and multipurpose.
It includes a PCIe 5.0 slot for your graphics card, making it as close to future-proof as possible, while still having four more expansion slots."

"The storage can be any of the three M.2 slots besides all the normal SATA ports, four slots for DDR5 memory and something that only recently no longer is a top-end feature, a 2.5 gigabit LAN ethernet connector.
We start with the installation of our CPU, which is surprisingly easy as all you have to look for is the golden triangle, and then align the indents on the frame, gently placing the chip in the socket without pushing, pressing the metal bar down and pushing it gently under the small hook."

"There you go. That is literally the hardest part.
For memory, we went with a classic low-latency workhorse, the Corsair Vengeance, a 32 gigabyte kit that can easily and cheaply be upgraded later.
For storage, the WD Black is extremely fast, reliable and easy to install."

"That's really it. Easy peasy.
Then for the case, we have a dual-chamber layout, LIAN LI-011.
So let's start by inserting the power supply.
Don't worry about cables, we have a modular one, so cables can be installed later."

"How long has it been?
Oh, God.
This is more difficult than I remember.
Then we mount the extra fans at the back, blowing fresh air in, and three extra fans at the bottom."

"This might seem like an odd way to do it, but we are creating a positive pressure inside the case, ensuring that small dust particles don't settle on the inside.
Now all we're missing is the GPU and the cooling for the CPU, but first we need to cable everything else up."

"As to maximize our working space, especially with RGB fans, this work needs all the space we can provide.
Now all we have to do is mount the mounting part of the motherboard, then attach the fans to the radiator."

"After we have placed the motherboard in the case, we connect all the cables, which is easy enough as all connectors are clearly marked.
For the CPU, we're using the all-in-one Corsair H150i LCD liquid cooler, which is placed in its designated bracket."

"We can now easily remove the protective parts from the pump, place and secure it on the CPU, and connect the last cables.
Now all we have to do is place the GPU, in this case the Asus GeForce RTX ROG Strix 4070 Ti Super, plug in the power cable, and then start installing all cables that we prepared earlier in the power supply."

"The NVIDIA RTX 40 series cards are specifically designed to deliver the best performance, The RTX 40 series cards are specifically designed to deliver outstanding gaming performance.
They are the best graphics cards on the market for gaming, and include benefits such as the revolutionary AI-powered DLSS 3, which boosts frame rates by up to four times, while ensuring your games look amazing with super low latency, meaning with this build we can look forward to premium performance and great visual fidelity."

"While the newest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards are extremely powerful, the installing process is very easy as new single connectors have been introduced.
You can only connect it one way in both ends of the cable, so don't worry about installing it wrong."

"In fact, building a modern computer is full of so many fail-safes that it's far easier and safer than it was just five or six years ago.
At this point you can go one of two ways, either functional, which would be a shame with such a nice aquarium style case, or you can at least tidy it all up a little bit."

"This is the part that actually takes time, and more inexperienced builders might want to skip, but a nice clean build just looks better and is highly recommended.
And there you have it."

"While Magnus' LGO set is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, it doesn't quite support the latest advancements in graphical fidelity or frame rate boosting technology.
Three, two, one, stop.
You're joking?
What, that was what, 45 minutes?
I think I'm about halfway here."

"No! Well, I guess it's true then.
You can now save over 14% on the entire build.
As you have seen, building a PC really can be even easier than assembling a LEGO set, thanks to clear instructions and user-friendly components."

"Check out the links in the description to grab ProShop's super deals on all of the components mentioned, save some cash, and build your own dream PC in the process."





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