Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 - Cammy vs M. Bison

Cammy takes on M. Bison in this gameplay from Summer Game Fest.

Audio transcription

"Looking to switch it up? This is a good chance for a breather.
These two fighters are looking more than ready to lock horns.
This is a good chance for a breather."

"You better have your Sunday's best on because it's time for business.
Alright, first round. What's going to happen?
Oh, with the drive impact.
It's the start of the round. How will they start their approach?
What's the play here?
Player 1 pushes the opponent into the corner."

"They're really being worked over in the corner.
Hmm, taking stock.
Sticks the jump in.
Is this super up next?
Beats it up with a combo into super."

"Player 2, K.O.
Player 1 on the board first with a win.
They'll want to keep the pressure on.
Goes for the jump in to start.
How will they take advantage of everything that's happened up until now?
Takes a big gamble and rips out a raw super."

"Can't tech the throw.
Cannon spike.
Throws them to negate the block.
Knocked out and...
Showing some real tenacity."

"Gets the jump in.
A super art.
Giving up the boost with knee press knight.
What'll happen here?
Player 1 just put themselves on equal footing with that super."

"Nobody blinked.
Big opportunity.
The low kick hits.
This is going to hurt.
You've got to be mindful of reach and jump ins."

"This throws them.
Big throws.
Both fighters are playing with the full deck of drive.
Throws them away.
We're going into the final round tied up."

"Rich Spider has it in them to grind out the win.
Rushes down the opponent to impose their will.
Jumps in.
Crowns them from above."

"Oh, yo.
Raw super here.
Back dashes for speed.
Looking for a good ROI with that raw super art incoming.
Excellent read."

"Looking for a hold.
Jump in.
Torpedo press.
A jump in.
Oh, here we go."

"What a smart throw.
Hits them with confidence.
I can't believe it.
Pokes with a kick.
Noticeable life lead."

"Is a comeback still possible?
Looking for a good ROI.
Cannon spike.
Breaks it off.
What's next?
Up for the arrow."

"Called it.
I called it.
They're just going to go for it with the super.
The reaction is over.
Final one."

"It's going to be Watson replaying this fight for a while.
They really took it down to the wire.
Thanks for watching."

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