Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

Hungry Like (the City of) the Wolf - Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Interview

We chat with Chief Producer Yasuyuki Oda, Producer Joshua Weatherford, and Art Supervisor Nobuyuki Kuroki about the first Fatal Fury in decades.

Audio transcription

"Alright, so this is great. I'm in LA, I'm covering Summer Game Fest.
This wasn't expected to happen. I'm doing an interview on Fatal Fury with the team, so thank you so much for joining us."

"First of all, you guys introduced a couple of characters.
How do they fit into the roster? What can you tell us about them mechanically, gameplay-wise?
So, obviously we had Bijanee, who is a returning character from the previous game, and she's been in KOF XV and such, so basically just kind of took her and evolved her character a little bit more, added a little bit more to her game plan, and just built upon what was already there."

"With Vox Reaper, the completely new character, he is the disciple of the Grant from the previous game, so he's kind of carrying on the torch from him, using some of his moves, but also has a lot of new elements that are kind of imagined to fit with the current fighting game modern generation.
Speaking about modern fighters, I love the look of the game for a modern audience."

"I think it's amazing in terms of the art, the way the characters look, and the way it's got the SNK personality to it.
So what can you tell me about the visual aspect and the way the characters are portrayed, and the way it stands out from every other fighting game?
Yeah, I mean, especially when you look at Fatal Fury in total, and especially the previous game, Garou Mark of the Wolves, it has a very American-esque setting, it has a very good synergy, I guess you would say, with like American comics, and if you're looking at the overall fighting game genre in total, there's already a lot of developers who kind of have photorealistic graphics, or anime-styled graphics, and they've already kind of reached their pinnacle in a way."

"So we wanted to find our own kind of target to focus on, so we kind of really zeroed in on the American comic style, and tried to make it almost the pinnacle of that kind of art style.
Of course I have to ask you about Terry, and about Street Fighter."

"I've been with the developers over at Capcom, with the director of Street Fighter VI, learning a little bit about Terry, about Mei.
What do you guys think about this?
The community is so excited, they are already dreaming about Capcom vs. SNK."

"What can you tell them?
At first he was joking around saying that they just did it on their own, we didn't hear anything about it.
That's obviously a joke."

"We've been talking with them for two years already about making this possible, and we're really just excited they were able to announce it, so big congratulations to them, and we're just looking forward to seeing people play it.
The FGC, obviously a lot of people have a lot of hopes and dreams out there, and the more support we get, the more things are going to be possible in the future."

"You have to know they are really looking forward to doing that versus game.
They told me a couple of hours ago.
He's probably going to go ahead and do it on his own with no approval then.
Okay, for people who are not that much into the fighting genre, and that see Terry in both games, how would you define SNK's signature fighting gameplay that is different, as I said, with visual style, that is different to the street fighters, and of course the 3D fighters?
Especially for him, somebody who's worked on Terry for so many years of his career and stuff, and a lot of guest characters recently."

"Usually the guest characters are kind of Terry in his prime, you know, like mid-20s Terry.
But Fatal Fury is one of the few games where you kind of do sense the passage of time through the story, and the characters maturing and stuff.
So especially in that sense, the kind of expressions he makes compared to previous Fatal Fury games, he really wants people to understand that kind of depth to the character that is added, especially in his original game."

"Because even with KOF, our own guest game, he's different than he is in Fatal Fury.
I see most of the people are playing on fight stick.
What can you tell us about the differences between playing on fight stick or on controller?
Do you think competitively there can be any advantage to those who go fight stick?
How do you guys work on developing the system for both controllers?
Yeah, I mean a lot of it just comes down to trial and error."

"So we have the smart style, which is a simplified control system, and, you know, there's obviously going to be demerits and merits on both sides, and we just kind of try to make the balance so that neither side is too advantageous, basically.
Okay, and now that you mentioned the backstory and Terry and sort of the lore of the game, what can you tell us is going on in the City of the Wolves, in terms of lore, in terms of storyline, for fans to get excited about that part of the game?
Yeah, I definitely think the biggest thing is obviously with Mark of the Wolves, the ending for Rock, he kind of just, he leaves Terry, you know, he leaves his care kind of thing to go on his own."

"And this game is kind of about that conclusion, what happens, how do they kind of reach a conclusion between their relationship.
All right, speaking about conclusions, this closing one perhaps for you, I don't know.
Tell us about the status of the project."

"It's going to release in 2025, if I'm correct?
Yes, yes, early 2025.
What can you tell us about how it feels now, the point you guys are at now in development, and the final stretch until release?
So he's just saying that basically we're already kind of in the final stretch, you know, we're kind of in the polish stage, but that's obviously kind of for any game development, that's usually the part where almost everything catches on fire, so yeah, everything's kind of on fire at the moment, we're just putting out fires as we go along."

"And more cards to reveal from here to launch?
Oh yeah, a lot more content to come.
All right, arigatou gozaimasu, thank you so much for making this happen, this wasn't expected, I appreciate it, thank you so much."

"Oh yeah, we have one more thing at the end, sorry.
We have one more thing to announce at the end.
So yes, we are planning to add a few more characters to King of Fighters XV actually, so just pay attention to more news going forward."

"Pay attention to that, thank you so much, arigatou gozaimasu."

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