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A Crossover for the Ages - Street Fighter 6 Interview

We spoke with game director Takayuki Nakayama and game producer Shuhei Matsumoto about all the exciting things coming to Street Fighter 6.

Audio transcription

"All right, we are in LA for the Summer Game Fest and yesterday a bunch of new characters for Street Fighter 6 were revealed. It was very exciting in the audience, we got Bison, Terry, Elena and Mei, but you know, the audience was very very excited. What does it mean to you guys to reveal these characters and what do you think it means for the Street Fighter community?
Yeah, so it's, we're celebrating our one-year anniversary of Street Fighter 6 now and you know, we're so happy about the sentiment and the community feedback and we want to just kind of liven up the community even more and we thought that part of this was by, you know, including characters outside of the original Street Fighter universe and yeah, we have great expectations, we want to put more energy into this announcement and to the content itself so yeah, we're very excited, we hope that that people are really enjoying this."

"Okay, let's talk a little bit about the characters themselves. I played Bison, he's a monster, he's a beast. Gameplay-wise, what can you tell me about him? How does it fit with its powerful sort of profile? How does it feed into the complete roster of Street Fighter 6?
Yeah, so obviously for longtime fans, people know, understand that M. Bison has a long history within the series of Street Fighter and people have high expectations of a character like him so and Matsumoto-san, that's his character of choice too so he has a lot of, you know, affinity and respect towards the character and yeah, as you mentioned, he is kind of like a beast-like character so thank you for mentioning that because that's kind of what we were going for. He definitely has a unique identity, a unique set of moves that only are really applicable to him so we try to kind of emphasize that in this game while making him as unique as possible so yeah, we hope that we were happy that you really enjoyed playing him."

"All right, of course it's Vega in Japan but Vega is our Spaniard in our character in Spain so what can you tell me about the lore around Bison?
Somehow he's back, there's a horse in there, what can you tell me about his story and the lore surrounding this character?
So in terms of the story, there's a lot to learn when you do meet him in World Tour, when he's out in the game and you'll get to know a little bit more about the background with like the horse and stuff so without giving any spoilers, there's a lot to uncover about his backstory once you experience him and you know become his disciple in World Tour."

"That will happen in the summer for Bison at least and then we will get to, I mean this is big news, the community is going nuts over the fact that you guys are collaborating with SNK and we're getting both Terry and May so first of all what can you tell us about this collaboration with SNK? It was a big surprise for everyone so what can you tell us about the two companies working together to bring these characters in a mainline Street Fighter game to the game?
So two years ago we attended EVO in Las Vegas and that was you know essentially like one of the first, maybe the first EVO since the the pandemic and both Capcom and SNK were able to to make an appearance there and to kind of celebrate that we're back, we created posters where our illustrators drew their characters and their illustrators drew ours and it was a really awesome collaboration and from there we started talking more about like okay what can we do like on the Street Fighter 6 side to potentially possibly involve some SNK characters and you know and we obviously wanted to expand the community even more and get more people excited about fighting games in general so you know we continue talking and eventually it led up to this. You must know that fans are already asking for a Capcom versus SNK is there something they can expect to happen in the future perhaps now that we got this? Yeah so I mean these guys are also fans of the the CVS series and that's something that they personally would love to make if possible and hopefully that you know a lot of people are would be interested in something like that you know it will require a lot more time and effort and there's no decisions been made obviously but you know from like a personal standpoint yeah like yeah we of course we would love to make a CVS game now how do we go about doing that so yeah yeah that would be fantastic but as I said I only got to play Bison so what can you tell us about Terry and May in terms of how they will play and also in terms of the story how the hell did they cross over their universe to land on Capcom's Street Fighter 6?
So without going into the specifics especially about the gameplay itself you know all the the dev members on the Street Fighter 6 team are huge fans of fighting games in general not just Capcom fighting games but also games by SNK, Fatal Fury series and so they thought of a lot of different ideas and maybe homages that they can incorporate that SNK fans would like and they've just been in constant communication with the SNK team to just you know get permission on doing certain things and kind of deciding on like what would be like appealing and interesting from that perspective and so I think there's a lot to look forward to when they're actually out and and you said you guys are celebrating the full first year of Street Fighter 6 in the market and now it's time for season 2 so first what can you tell us about you know the the road so the journey so far how you feel about the success of the game and the community and then I will go in to ask you about specific things of season 2 yeah so I mean it was a very fun year and it they were you know the team was just heads down just making new content and just trying to put out as much as they can throughout that year and it all felt pretty like instantaneous and it all just kind of flew by very quickly but you know the team is very proud of what they did and they were happy that the community was really engaged with the game and and yeah hopefully they have lots they're looking forward to to the future of year two and if I'm correct with season 2 come these four new characters new costumes and new stuff but one specific request by a community is you know tweaks to game balance what can you tell us about for example Drive Rush and DJ and and you know can we expect in the next because this is coming this is until 2025 we're getting new characters so when can we spread a new adjustment of the game balance so I guess the short answer is yes I mean there will be balance adjustments when when needed and we're monitoring the the feedback from the players and seeing bug reports happening in real time too so when those happen then you know we will look at it and make the adjustments as needed and then I I'm a classic old-school Street Fighter player I didn't try them modern control type so but I I've seen it's quite successful it's quite popular so what can you tell us about this whole new control system have you seen many players like digging the new system how do you think it affects competitively do you think it's the way to go going forward okay it's just about the whole thing so yeah I mean we're all fans of modern controls and he was saying that Matsumoto-san is also a modern player himself and so we hope that people will continue engaging with this control type if that is something that you're interested in and and yeah I mean there's been recent updates to like how modern control works to make it more accessible and make it a little more user-friendly so that's something that they're continuously looking at to make improvements as needed and to and you know recently there was a modern Ed who performed very well in a in a recent tournament by a very high skilled player so that's you know it's it's really exciting to see see those kinds of players coming out and yeah we we have high expectations in the future I guess I cannot ask you about future characters coming to Street Fighter at this point we only got to play Bison but I don't know what do you see the community is requesting after 24 hours after the reveal do you think they're requesting oh I I hope it was this character yeah I mean you're too like literally just just started so it's hard to speak on future characters beyond that especially because we have you know our roadmap but but yeah I mean we see the comments we want we engage we we want people to to speak up and let us know what they're interested in looking forward to and because this is a game that they want to continue supporting beyond year two as well so yeah you know please share us your thoughts okay yeah you told me Bison is your character which is your favorite character yeah I mean he's been playing a lot of Bison recently too but in terms of characters in Street Fighter 6 I think yeah Marisa is probably his go-to all right thank you so much for your time I'm looking forward to playing Bison first then Terry, May, Elena I think that's the order so keep fighting and Arigato Gozaimasu"

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