Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess

Bringing Japanese folklore to Life - Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess Interview

We've played Capcom's new action-strategy game and had a chance to talk with its director Shuichi Kawata and its producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi about its influences and what we can expect next month.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor. As you can see by the wonderful setup we have here I'm in the Capcom booth just seeing Kunitsugami and well we're gonna learn a bit about more about it because I'm here with two of the wonderful developers in charge of the game. Now before we, we're just gonna dive right in. So first things first this is a very vibrant, bright, quite unusual game. So tell me a little bit about Kunitsugami. What is this game that you're bringing to the table?
Yes, Kunitsugami Path of the Goddess is a new IP from Capcom. It blends the action and strategy and merges it into one and to provide a new experience for users who get their hands on this game."

"And tell me a little bit about the inspirations behind this game you know what's the story behind it? Where did the idea for Kunitsugami come from?
Many of the inspiration came from the Japanese mythologies and folklores and those were the things that Kunitsugami is greatly based upon."

"And tell me a little bit about the way that you've managed to blend the sort of sort of almost strategic tower defense or yeah the strategic defense systems with the sort of hack-and-slashy combat. How did you go about blending those two situations together?
They were really careful about not making the player too strong or too weak because it would get into the way of making an exhilarating gameplay experience. So they were really careful of making that not making the player too strong or too weak."

"And tell me a little bit about the art style you've gone with here. It's very striking, it's very vibrant, lots of colors. Tell me a bit about how this came about. Again, sort of the inspirations behind it, that sort of deal.
The game is also based on the Japanese ukiyo-e, the traditional art styles."

"And the color scheme is also based on the traditional Japanese Edo era.
And they came into, they were really imagining how it would look like if a person brought a camera to the Edo era to take pictures of it and they reimagined that into the game."

"And tell me a little bit about the enemies that you've got here. How have you gone about making sure they all feel unique and stand out? And how have you applied that sort of design philosophy to bosses as well?
I was really careful about having inspiration from Japanese yokai."

"In Japanese we call them mononokes. And from those traditional mononokes, Kawata-san, I was making personal designs and customizations from his inspirations and making it into a more new modern art style in a way.
So that was the whole design behind it."

"And tell me a little bit about the base building mechanics you've got here.
The way that you have to build up structures, you have to free people essentially, turn them into the roles that you want them to suit, and then place them strategically to help overcome the enemies that are being thrown at you."

"The game allows the players to really customize how they want to strategize with the game. Starting from rescuing the villagers from the defilement and assigning them roles that specify in close quarters combat or attacks from really far away. So in positioning them in a way that you would be able to fight easily and conquer the stage."

"Just because of the, on top of the strategies, you can also utilize the contraptions that you can rebuild and repair to fully customize of how you want to conquer the stage.
And then as a final question, it's coming out next month on pretty much every platform that you can think of, including Game Pass."

"Why did you decide to bring Kenitsugami to Game Pass?
What is it allowing you to achieve that you could potentially do without launching it on Game Pass?
Since this is a new IP, we wanted as many users to have a chance to play this game. Starting from Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PS4, Steam and also PC. Through all those platforms we wanted people to really get a chance to try out this game to experience the new gaming experience that this game has to offer."

"Well this has been Kenitsugami. Again you can check it out soon. It's coming out on July 19th on all those platforms that we just mentioned here.
For more information about the game, be sure to stay tuned to your local Game Rental region. Thanks guys."

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