Freshly Squeezed - Juice Interview

We chat with ColorFiction, a solo developer who is giving us a unique first-person horror where we play as a monster and a witness to their terrible deeds.

Audio transcription

"Hi friends, we are at The Mix presenting Guerrilla Collective and I'm taking a look at what reminds me of Mad World, which was a game I loved.
But this time it's not made by Sega, it's made by a single developer who is called Color Fiction."

"This game has pretty much no color, just red?
Just red, black and white, yes.
I'm colorblind, hence the name Color Fiction.
What can you tell us? It's like a horror game, first person, what do you do here?
So it's a first person, like, melee game where you play as a monster taking over a city and then also as a human seeing it all go down."

"So it's this dual narrative, back and forth, where you play as a monster destroying everything and then you play as a human and you see the effects of the world, of what's going on and eventually the two paths meet and you get to choose if you want to keep playing as a monster or if you want to keep playing as a human."

"So it's like, you decide what you want to be.
And then does that make for different endings?
That gives you two different endings, yeah.
And then the game also has the arcade mode where you can just play out your power fantasies of eating everybody."

"And there you're just a human monster and you're just eating as many humans as you can and there's different ways to play.
Time limit, fiesta, co-op, yeah.
I mentioned Mad World because of course it was platinum Sega."

"It was inspired by comic and it was pretty much black and white and red, if I'm correct, a little bit of yellow, I don't know.
Was that your main inspiration or comic books?
No, actually, I heard about Mad World today from that day, which was hilarious and it looks just like it."

"But yeah, it's comic books.
It's like Frank Miller, Sin City, all that art.
I really loved it.
And then I do all the art and everything."

"My other games were really bright and colorful, so I started limiting my palette game by game and I ended up with eight colors and I want to go to two colors.
It's kind of like I love black and white because it's like the more limitations, the more you can create with it."

"It's just a weird thing, yeah.
Is it called juice because of the blood?
Just because humans are full of juice, you know, and like the monster wants to drink juice.
All right."

What do you do as a monster?
You said that you connect the paths at one point of the story.
They meet each other.
They meet each other."

"So they start in different points in the city and then they, as the monster, you play havoc.
You kill people, slaughter.
Yes, you slowly move through the city towards the player, like the citizen's apartment.
And then you, as the monster, you start recognizing the places you visit as the citizen."

"Because the citizen is just, it's like a game where you're just like doing your normal life.
You go to work, you come back from work, you clean your apartment, you go to sleep.
And in that cycle, you can't do that cycle anymore because the train got destroyed by the monster.
And then like you're helping your neighbors, but then there's like a quarantine order."

"So you can't leave your apartment and you're seeing on the news, like the neighborhoods are closely getting close to you.
And then eventually you play as a monster and you're like, oh, wait, I'm at the player's like neighborhood."

"Oh, this is the apartment.
And then you're going through the hallway and that's when the two meet.
A big thing of it is that you'll never see the monster.
And I'm trying to figure that one out for the encounter, which is hard."

"But yeah.
Until you are the human and see them coming.
You might not.
You might not.
I feel like I really want to make it so you can't see the monster."

"But when you're the monster, are you like taller or more powerful?
Actually, each chapter you slowly get bigger.
Like, I would love to do like a Mary thing.
Freaking Mary."

"That's way too much work.
So now it's chapter by chapter.
You just get a little bit bigger.
Keeping it simple.
You mentioned cycles."

"Does it have any roguelite element to it?
Or they are all prepared and scripted and, you know, every level is designed to happen as...
Or do you have some sort of random element to it?

"I mean, the way like they...
The way all the humans like are spawned and all those things.
I'm using a lot of procedural generation for that.
But the actual..."

"The story mode is just a linear story.
The story is linear.
The arcade is where all the procedural stuff happens.
But more in the way..."

"Like, I want to have players set how fast...
Because the way all the AI moves around, all that can be edited.
But the story is entirely linear and you'll know.
You'll replay it."

"Lots of splatter.
And what's the status of the project right now?
I've been working on it part-time for about a year.
And I just put it on Steam."

"Like, you can wishlist it.
And honestly, I don't really know if I'm going to do early access in a couple months or like just wait till like...
You mentioned previous games before."

What are your previous games and how did you build this up?
Is it Unity or...?
So, yeah.
It's done in Unity."

"And all my previous work is totally different.
It's peaceful walking simulators.
Just very relaxing, good vibes games.
And this actually came from like a project."

"I was making this amazing chill game.
And it got cancelled in this whole economic thing.
So, this is my way to deal with my frustration and like...
You can confess."

You got fed up of so much color, so much peace.
Let's destroy Splatter.
Pretty much, yeah.
But, yeah."

"All right.
Anything else you would like to mention about Juice that you might have forgotten about?
Looks good?
I mean, just, yeah, go wishlist it."

"And coming soon, there'll be a demo.
Really looking forward to playing it.
Thank you so much.
Right when we hit the stop, I'm going to be playing this."

"Thank you so much.
Thank you so much."

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