The Rogue Prince of Persia

Turning Up the Heat - The Rogue Prince of Persia Interview

We chat with art director Dylan Eurlings and Jolan Reynauld from Evil Empire about the whopping new update for The Rogue Prince of Persia.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor.
Today, as you can probably tell by the lovely little setup we have behind you, I'm here with a couple of the guys from the development team behind Prince of Persia, or the Rogue Prince of Persia, sorry."

"Now, the reason why we're here is because we're at the Ubisoft Forward, we're at the Belasco Theatre in LA, and we've just had a look at the upcoming season, or the upcoming update that's coming in, well, relatively soon."

"So we're going to talk about it a little bit.
So tell me, first things first, the Rogue Prince of Persia has just recently debuted.
What's the reception been like? Are people excited about the game?
Yeah, pretty much. We have really great reviews right now."

"People are just excited, waiting for more content, just to see new things that we will be bringing into the game.
So that's just awesome for us.
And tell me a little bit about this upcoming update then."

"What's it bringing? Why should people be excited for it?
Yeah, so the Temple of Fire is actually live right now.
So it's bringing a whole new level with two new specific monsters, a new weapon, and I think that's it for now."

"Oh no, there is also the meta progression feature.
So we've tried to have a first new sight of what we are coming from.
And how have you managed to get one out so quickly?
The game only launched a few weeks ago, and now we've already got an update. How does that happen?
Well, the biome wasn't finished yet."

"So we wanted to have a bit more time to just prepare some stuff so we can just give more during the whole early access.
But we will be developing again new content, new bosses, new weapons, anything, during the early access throughout several updates regularly for the players."

"So we just took a bit of, how to say, a step forward.
So we can just bring content more easily to players.
And you're the art director, and this is bringing a new area for players to explore.
So tell me a little bit how that's allowed you to flex your creative muscles a bit."

"Yeah, so the new biome is the Temple.
And what's interesting about this biome is that it's the most Prince of Persia level that we made, I would say, because it's very heavy on traps.
It's also adding a whole new color palette to the game, so we can experiment with that."

"And the two new monsters are also pretty exciting, I would say.
Yeah, that's it.
And the Rogue Prince of Persia has a really distinct look to it.
So how did that come about?
How did you decide on this really striking and different appearance for the prince?
Yeah, so we wanted the game to look unique and fresh."

"So we went for a very stylized look with bright and vivid colors.
We want that if you look at the thumbnail of the game, you know it's the Rogue Prince of Persia.
It's not any other game.
And so far, we are happy with the reception of it."

"For sure, it's not a style for everyone, but the people that like it, they actually love it a lot.
And that's great.
And what about the animations as well?
I mean, obviously, you're the art director, but you have to be involved in that to some degree."

"It seems like you've really nailed the fluidity factor to it.
What was the process of getting that right?
Yeah, we are super happy with that because in the game, the movement is really important.
We want the player to always be moving, staying in the flow state."

"And so the animations had to be helping that.
So it's fluid, but it's also very responsive.
So our animator put a lot of work into this.
He's a gameplay programmer that helps with the movement."

"He's also very passionate about this because he does parkour himself.
So we wanted to have the movement right and really feel like a proper parkour game.
And obviously, the updates here, the game only launched a few weeks ago.
Is this going to be the cadence we can expect for updates for the Rogue Prince of Persia going forward?
Not very precise."

"Not a new level every two weeks, obviously.
It takes a bit more time to create.
But definitely, we will have more biomes, more bosses, more anything coming up.
But we will try to have regular updates, like if not weekly, be monthly."

"No, be weekly.
Schedule and just add as we go new content, trying to work with the community as we are in early access to bring the ideas to life as soon as possible and test with them to have feedbacks and just be sure that we are going all in the best direction for the game."

"And what has it been like working with Ubisoft as well?
Have they let you take the training wheels off and just let you run wild with the Prince of Persia brand?
Yeah, pretty much, actually.
To be honest, as long as we are in the brand's identity, so that's what we focused on since the beginning, like bringing the core pilots of the franchise into the Roguelite universe, let's say it that way."

"After that, we were just free to come and go with whatever ideas that we had.
Like you said, our direction is pretty unique itself.
So yeah, freedom was the key in our collaboration.
And you mentioned collaboration there."

"We're in a bit of a renaissance period for the Prince of Persia.
Lots of Prince of Persia content and different games and stuff out there, including The Sands of Time in 2026.
Can we expect any sort of crossovers?
Do you have anything planned like that between different Prince of Persia titles?
We started talking about it, but there's nothing really right now in the movement."

"And as a final thing then, it's in early access now.
How long do you expect early access to last for?
We have something in mind, but to be honest, it will be as long as we need to.
We want to launch the game when we feel it's ready and not before that."

"Because we want to be sure that we've hit the maximum potential of the game to launch 1.0 as a full release for everyone and go forward after that.
Well, there you have it.
Go check out the Temple of Fire update right now."

"It's out.
Also, go and check out the actual base game as well if you haven't.
It's excellent.
You're going to love it.
Otherwise, yeah, stay tuned for more updates."

"Not ones coming as quickly as this one has, but there will be more in the future.
So stay tuned for that.
And otherwise, for more Rogue Prince of Persia, stay tuned to your local Gamerats region.
Cheers, guys."

"That was brilliant.
Thank you very much."

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