Dbrand Hydro Dip (Quick Look) - Dipping Our Toes into Some New Cases

We've checked out Dbrand's latest limited edition skins and how they help protect your gadgets.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
I received the brand new iPad 13-inch Tandem OLED M4 equipped model not too long ago from Apple."

"We've already reviewed it.
Both that, the Magic Keyboard Case, the Apple Pencil Pro.
There are videos and reviews up on your Gamereactor domain of choice as we speak.
But while this particular cover here protects your iPad, what protects the case protecting it?
Well, in that particular case, pun intended, you can go to dbrand."

"We've covered dbrand a number of times with different accessories here on the show.
I keep their leather skins on my computer, my laptop, at all times because it's just so damn great and I get just positive responses every time I pull it out of my bag.
People are like, that's really cool."

"And we just got that as well for this.
This is the Hydro Dip Skin.
It seems to be fairly limited edition, but I couldn't find anyone that were specifically sold out on dbrand's website right now."

"And there is obviously some really fun sort of self-parodying text on the dbrand website.
They are masters of marketing in most cases.
And there was some bullshit about MK Ultra experiments and that ultimately going back to the way that this is visualized, I will say that it looks great."

"And I think the really cool thing that I wanted to showcase here that it's not just for the iPad itself or for their grip cases or for your phone.
It can be both for the iPad itself, which I have applied right here.
I'm very pleased with it, by the way, but it's also for the case itself."

"So both sides of it can be Hydro Dip Skinned.
And I did for like, first and foremost, it creates that consistency between the tablet itself and the keyboard case.
But it also means that the keyboard case in and of itself is actually rather expensive."

"So for that to be protected against scratches as well, it just means that the entire package will stay mint for longer.
Now, when I applied these, I was still struck.
It almost happens all the time whenever I apply these skins of these vinyl skins, how easy it is."

"It was a first attempt with no air bubbles.
I didn't have to like use a credit card to push them out or anything like that.
It was so simple.
And I think that it actually went rather well, depending on like, I'm not that experienced."

"So I'm really pleased with the result.
Like all of these dbrand vinyl skins, it's 0.23 millimeters, so it's really, really thin.
And it doesn't add to the weight or the thickness.
It doesn't make it cumbersome, but at the same time, it is now fully protected against the elements, which I'm really, really happy about."

"The one thing that I also wanted to say was that I know that dbrand knows their stuff.
That's obvious.
But I was kind of afraid of putting any material between the magnets on the back of the iPad, which has to grip onto the sides of the Magic Keyboard pretty harshly."

"But I've seen absolutely no difference in sort of the grip of the magnets here on the Magic Keyboard.
So I think they're about $30, at least for the iPad.
And then you're going to have to pay extra, I believe, for the Magic Keyboard, but it's awesome stuff."

"It really is.
And dbrand pretty much like supports anything, even scam products like the Rabbit R1.
So that means that the portfolio is pretty wide.
So you should go to their website and see if there is a style which fits you."

"We've covered a number of them here on the show.
So for much more on dbrand, stay tuned to Gameranx.





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