Corsair One i500 (Quick Look) - A Functional High-End PC that Just Works

If you're looking to get into PC gaming but don't want the faff of building your own rig, Corsair has you covered.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
The PC gaming market is growing rapidly and seems to be taking up a constantly growing portion of the overall revenue within the business. So you might want to get a PC but you want something very specific. You don't want to build yourself and you want something that is incredibly well made with the guarantee that it's going to stay well that it's going to like stay great over a number of years and you won't have to open it to fiddle or anything like that."

"It comes working functional straight out of the box ready to post and ready to game.
Now if that's you and I think that's actually a lot of people are there particularly those that are waning off consoles and are kind of opening their minds to a PC gaming future.
Well there are something like this which is obviously the Corsair One but you wouldn't really know it because the last time we took a look at a Corsair One it had a markedly more cylindrical smaller I would probably say but also uglier look. The last Corsair One was just a matte black tower space saving sort of really small sort of micro ITX size and since then it has grown ever so slightly but I also think that it has become more tasteful aesthetically which means that it blends in more seamlessly with any kind of setup. I particularly like this wood we'll get back to it but going back to like the original Corsair One it has come a long way over the years and remains while pricey one of the go-to pre-builds that you can get within the PC gaming sphere. Now this one right here is expensive like it's really expensive."

"I think this particular model the i500 is 5,500 euro. Now obviously anyone can go to the PC park bigger website and get the same specifications and save a whole lot of money but by that you are basically signing up for building it yourself, crash testing it and basically I think taking responsibility for its performance whereas Corsair like makes this, creates this, tunes this so it's ready to go out of the box and for that 5,500 euro you do get a lot for your money. So this particular version has a core i9 14900k, 16 gigs of DDR5 memory, a 2 terabyte NVMe SSD and most critically for a lot of people an RTX 4090 which they've been able to fit in a pretty small chassis case I will say so so kudos for that. Now inside here it's not just the specifications you pay for you have a B760 motherboard that uses custom liquid cooling for the GPU and the CPU. You can also still open it up and upgrade memory and storage. There are a number of different I.O. particularly here on the back which I think is actually quite nice. A whole load of USB type A's which you're probably not going to need alongside display port and HDMI to three display ports actually which is very very nice and then there is this wood in the front and by the way before completely dropping out of the I.O. conversation I believe that there is one USB type C connector on this entire case. That is not good enough. That is not good enough. We can sacrifice some of these USB type A's for C's shortly. This is probably more for the motherboard manufacturers out there because these uses I think an off-the-shelf motherboard but we're ready for that future. Now the wood in front here. I think that the combination of this particular wood which by the way comes in both light and dark variants is an incredibly tasteful option. I love whenever we introduce more natural materials into these types of things. I hate the matte black glass side panel PC build."

"I think we can do better with items that we spend so much time like basically sort of funnelling over and tuning. I just want it to be pleasing to look at as well and I don't think that's too much to ask. So this is gets a lot closer than I think a lot of other stuff does so that is great.
This mesh here on the side I guess is both breathable and it also obscures the components inside so that's a really good sort of midway point and I actually even like these ribbons up here which obviously are for airflow but they look really nice as well in this particular pattern. Overall a really pretty not too heavy machine. I should say that if the 5,500 euro is really off-putting and terrifying there are affordable options that is you know still has the basic same chassis but maintains like a more affordable components list. So we'll be fully reviewing this particular model right here run it through its paces see if there's any thermal throttling or if there are sound or noise issues which that would be the main concern considering the fact that the that the case is so small and we'll have a full review ready for you soon."

"Thank you so much for watching. See you on the next one."





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