Huawei FreeBuds 6I (Quick Look) - A Cheaper But Capable In-Ear Alternative

Huawei once again proves that its hardware is solid even if it still isn't compatible with Google software.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor quick look.
Huawei phones still cannot run Google services and that's a damn shame because regardless of what you may think of software security or whatever, the thing is that they make excellent hardware and they always have."

"And you not only need to like look at like images or videos of their phones in the regions where they're used, but just the other hardware that they make, be that computer monitors or speakers or tiny in-ears like these."

"These are called the FreeBuds 6i and I should state right off the bat that these are the same price as I think the Google Pixel Buds A or the nothing, the cheaper nothing ear.
So these are considered to be, well, sub-tier basically."

"These are cheap alternatives to the existing flagships on the market, but there is really not a lot that this isn't actively offering.
So for one, inside here we find the units themselves, which looks very, I would say, AirPods Pro-esque."

"So that means that it has a silicone tip and it means that it has a really short stem, so it's not going to stick out in your ear, which I increasingly feel like looks a bit goofy.
So for it to have a short stem, it's really nice."

"And it's also where you have squeeze functions for basic functionalities, which is great.
Inside, we have 11 millimeter quad magnet drivers, which deliver sound in 14 to 40 kilohertz range.
Great, fantastic, it really is."

"It supports Bluetooth 5.3, meaning that you'll get more range and you'll get sort of consistent sound quality and connection quality across the board, be that whether you're close or a bit far, so that's really cool.
Inside each bud is a 55 milliamp hour battery, and you get a 510 milliamp hour battery in this case."

"Now, it doesn't seem to have wireless charging, but that's okay.
Particularly if you get around 35 hours with ANC off or 20 hours with ANC on with it, and it's very light, so I think that's a really good trade-off.
In terms of what it also has that is usually compromised away when they get this cheap is active noise cancellation."

"You not only get active noise cancellation, you get ANC Dynamic 3.0, which is Huawei's own suite, which can dim noise up to 27 decibels.
That's a lot."

"And again, for 99 euros.
This launches on June 18th, at least here in the Scandinavian countries.
It's only been launched elsewhere, but I consider this to be a really, really solid contender for the budget-friendly pair of earbuds for almost all cases."

"I mean, this is strong magnets, great build quality, lovely soundscapes, and active noise cancellation for 99 euros.
That's really good.
Look forward to our review."

"Thank you so much for watching.
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