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Metaphor: ReFantazio - Summer Game Fest Gameplay 2

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Audio transcription

"The first thing we need to do is head to the Grand Cathedral, Grand Trat.
We have to go after a Necromancer, so that's kind of like our biggest mission here for this dungeon, is to find the Necromancer basically and go fight him."

"But before we do so, you will see that we are meeting a new character at the entrance of the dungeon and they're going to give us a side quest.
Meet Catherine, she's from the Parapus tribe.
So basically she explains that she's in the Grand Cathedral and she's looking for her friend, but she's pretty beaten up, so you propose that we can go and find her friend for her."

"So she agrees of course, and asks us to bring her back safe.
So this is our quest and our reward, we've accepted it and we're ready to go.
Alright, let's go.
So we're opening the door, and we're meeting our first enemies."

"So we can lock on the enemies, there we go.
Those are pretty easy enemies that we can beat, sometimes though you also need to evade.
There's some more over here, so try to evade as they're a bit surrounding us right now.
How often can players expect these dungeon sections to be part of the game?
There are multiple dungeons in the game, there are also multiple side quests."

"Here you can really control where you go, so you can decide to do side quests before you do your big mission, or you can also decide to try and max out the statistics of your character before you do so.
As I said here, you can really see the enemy here in front of us is yellow for example, so that's the face side that tells you how strong is the enemy, right?
So the blue ones are the easy ones, the yellow one is the toughest one."

"So let's start with the yellow one from the back, and go into a squad battle because he's too strong, so we're going to do a turn based battle first.
He didn't see us, so we attack him from the back, that means that we're starting with advantage."

"So basically now we have archetypes, so you're going to see that we're awakening our archetype, and we're selecting a diagonal slash, so a slash that hits both an enemy, 236 is pretty powerful.
So let's awaken the archetype here, the Seeker as you can see, he does wind damage, so let's do some wind damage."

"And then we also have Halkenberg, she has more buff and debuff in her archetype, so we're not going to use that, we're going to use her melee, so she's going to attack directly with a melee attack.
There we go."

"So as we start with an advantage, the enemy is stunned, so he's not going to attack us in his first turn, that means that it gives us plenty of time to kill him first.
There we go.
Pretty easy."

"So Ansgar's Triumph, flawless, basically victory for us.
And then you can see that your archetypes and your characters rank up with each battle.
There's also weapons that you can pick up throughout the dungeons.
Here these guys are pretty easy, so they're going to die with one single slash, and then we're going to go in here, whoops, there you go, he hit me first, so I'm going to start with a disadvantage."

"Nice catch.
Thank you.
So you see they start first, and we're in a disadvantage of course.
So now it's our turn, we're going to do an archetype."

"Also I want to show you Synthesis, which is kind of like a super strong powerful attack, which allows you to do physical light damage.
It allows you to do two attacks, you'll see here the cutscene.
So you have to combine your attack with an ally's body attack."

"So that's going to take two of your turns, unfortunately, but it's a very strong attack, so high risk, high reward, right?
Alright, let's finish him up with a Synthesis attack again, so you can see it's going to be a different..."

"There we go, attack.
We might not have time for the full dungeon, so how can we expect this to end, this big boss at the end of the dungeon?
So at least for this demo you'll see that we're going to find real quick the people you need to save, so we're going to try and open the door, we won't have the key to open the door, so here's kind of like the biggest dungeon."

"In here we need to go find the key to save the people that are hostages, so here they're talking about giving you some hints about where you can find the hostages or where you can find the key, it's on a desk, so you need to go and find him.
Actually you obviously know where it is, so I'm going to go real quick just to show you kind of like different side quests that you can do."

"So here you try to open the door, and obviously you cannot open the door because it's locked, so there's people behind you saying hey can you save me, you say hey stay there and we'll try and find the key for you, and of course I know exactly where the key is, so I'll try and evade the monsters, whoop there we go, and we know that there's a guard who's sleeping right there, and we'll need to be very careful not to wake him up, and kind of go and get the key really slowly, there we go, we have the key, that's it, so now we need to, whoops, watch it, there we go, he's going to attack as well, so that's great."

"So I have the key already, and because I knew exactly where it was I didn't have to go through all the battles in the dungeon, and that's it, we're saving them and we just opened the door for them with the key that we just found.
Thank you so much for your time Irwin, looking fantastic, thank you so much."

"Thank you my pleasure, thank you for taking the time and playing with us."

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