And That's a Wrap on Summer Game Fest

After a few days of announcements, reveals, interviews, and more, Dav and Ben have wrapped SGF 2024.

Audio transcription

"Okay, it's time for the farewell.
We're at the hotel we got this year in LA, pretty nice, we have to say.
Downtown, we were pretty close to the event."

"We were able to walk down our way to the Summer Game Fest playdays and to pretty much everything other than Xbox that was pretty far away.
And now it's time for a wrap-up to, you know, list our highlights from the whole show and to, you know, talk a little bit about the event itself and our hopes for next year hopefully happening again."

"It wasn't announced last year, it was announced that it will be returning but this year, I mean, I expect it to return next year.
So, plenty of games we saw and not that many we played.
It was a three-year event this time around."

"Which were your highlights in terms of what you played and what you didn't play?
Well, before we start, I just want to point out, if my eyes are watering, it's because it's very sunny and there's a lot of white.
Oh, come on! Well, it's very bright."

"Anyway, if I'm blinking a lot, that's what it is.
It's not like I'm trying to call out for help or something, you know, like that was holding me hostage, right?
No, yeah, that's a good point. What's my sort of highlights?
I would say, actually, that my highlights would be what PlayStation brought."

"Getting to play Astro, getting to play LEGO Horizon Adventures, they were both great.
And the way they had it all set up as well, it was really, you know, it was away from everything."

"It was kind of hidden away and you kind of think that if they're hiding it away, maybe there's a reason they don't want it to be shown off to everyone else.
I understand.
But no, it was really well done, really lovely set up and they actually let you play the games, which is kind of a weird thing to say because a lot of these ones, you go and it's a hands-off demo and something like that."

"Yeah, you get to speak with the developers, but I got to speak with the developers.
I got to play alongside some of the developers.
It was great."

"It was a really good opportunity to sort of get a good experience of the game.
I wish I could say Assassin's Creed Shadows could be as part of this, but what I saw wasn't really any different from what was shown at the Ubisoft Forward.
So, really nice set up they had, some great sort of physical props that they had made, commissioned and whatnot, which many of that I might share with somebody at some point, you know, Sarah, on the Game Reactor social channels."

"The less you can play, the more props you get.
Exactly, exactly, yeah.
But I'm not going to go and talk more about Shadows because I think if you've watched the gameplay trailer at the Ubisoft Forward and whatnot, you've basically seen what we've seen."

"So, not too much extra to share there.
Otherwise, I think those were sort of like my big highlights.
I got to play a few different exciting and quite interesting things, but I think for me the big ones were sort of PlayStation and I don't know, New World Aeternum actually kind of surprised me."

"I will say that, it kind of surprised me a little bit because I, quite frankly, I couldn't care less about New World when it came out.
It really wasn't my type of game.
But this one, it's like a pure single player thing, action RPG."

"You can, you know, it's still got the sort of MMO side of things.
There's still lots of people you can go and play online with, but at the same time, if you want to play the entire thing alone, you can do that.
It's built for consoles and all that."

"It's really, it feels more like a traditional sort of RPG, Dragon Age type thing than it feels like an MMORPG that we sort of expected for New World.
And before I hand it back to you, I will mention Dragon Age Valeguard looks very good.
It was hands off. The game director was lovely."

"She told us so much about it, really passionate about what they've done and it looks absolutely excellent.
So I'm looking forward to actually playing it, seeing how it feels in practice, but I think that's probably going to be a lot of sort of, that's probably going to be a highlight, a surprise highlight for many who have attended here at Summer Game Fest."

"I heard the same.
I actually heard the same about Dragon Age.
Many journalists telling me that I should have seen it and not you.
But yeah, we have to say this is about the games we can talk about because some of them are still embargoed."

"When you see these, I can talk about Monster Hunter Wilds, which is one of my highlights.
Some of the games we saw, we cannot tell you about until a few days from now, even a few weeks, so keep that in mind.
So in terms of what I didn't play, I have to highlight Wilds."

"It's wild, man.
I'm no longer into Monster Hunter that much anymore.
I was very into it when Monster Hunter 3, back in the day, met Ryosuke Sujimoto-san and that was a great game."

"But now I'm not into it anymore.
I have to highlight Wilds.
It's wild, man.
Ryosuke Sujimoto-san and I kind of got fed up with so much Monster Hunter."

"I didn't play Wilds that much.
This game looks amazing, plays.
I couldn't play it myself, as I said, but plays.
The way it looks, the many things you can do and the way the variety of the world comes up in a very emergent way, that's amazing."

"The way they use elements, the way the monsters behave in packs now, the way the weather changes, and the way you can use the sandstorm to your advantage.
It's incredible."

"All that's happening around you and how you can use that to your advantage and how dynamic and how fast it is for the size and for the complexity just got me absolutely amazed.
Now, from what I could play, you've probably read my Star Wars Outlaws preview already."

"I have a couple of gripes, a couple of concerns there, given that it's the final stretch until release on August 30th.
But I had lots of fun.
I'm really interested in playing the full adventure."

"I like how Kaibes and Nyx play together.
You have to consider the creature all the time to sneak around and for it to scan the area and to, for example, set off a grenade that is an enemy unwillingly carrying around."

"Read the full preview for more on that.
And also from what I played, I liked Phantom Blade Zero.
It was very packed all the day.
We didn't have an appointment for that one."

"Got to interview the director, talk about kung fu.
And then, last day, before we left the place, we were being kicked out.
They let me play.
And it's not as Souls-like as people are expecting."

"It's more to my hack and slash sort of thing I like.
And the way it moves, the way you can parry.
So fast, so much fun.
And the way it plays into..."

"The way it takes Chinese kung fu lore and also creatures from fantasy books, etc.
Really, really lovely.
And the third game I wanted to mention was..."

"I can't recall now.
We got Phantom Blade.
Oh, yeah. Fantasio.
I was going to say, yeah.
Metaphor ref Fantasio."

"You know, I like Persona.
But the thing here is this is so unique.
The character design, the quest design, the powers, the way these archetypes work."

"I know Alberto is going to envy me forever.
Hope to you to meet the directors and the Japanese developers at Gamescom.
I expect them to be there."

"But I was like...
I was playing, then the developers at Sega were playing too and explaining the whole system to me and how it works.
And it's going to be crazy."

"It's going to be a really, really, really unique game, which is what you expect from the Persona team.
So, yeah.
From what I can say right now, I think those would be my highlights."

"I enjoyed this show.
I think it's, for us, media is respectful to us and the way we can work here is nice.
Anything else you would like to add about the event itself?
No, not particularly."

"I think it was all really well done.
I think talking about being respectful to media and giving the media opportunities to see these things and time to prepare coverage about them, I think, obviously, it'd be nicer to have a little bit more leeway in regards to embargoes and whatnot."

"A lot of the times we see these things and we have 18 hours or something to prepare something, but you're still working, so it's hard to find that time.
So that's why some of these things, it can be difficult to find the balance between rushing them out and producing them with the quality that they need."

"I'd say that, again, that's probably more of a publisher thing than an actual event thing, right?
Having publishers actually give you the more time you need to produce the stuff you need."

"But otherwise, no, I think it was a really good show.
I think it'll be back next year and I think it'll be bigger next year, probably.
Potentially with, well, maybe we'll see Nintendo, depending if Jeff can get him on board."

"PlayStation was a change.
PlayStation being interested in it.
I've seen Suey Yoshida and Mark Cerny around.
Them being interested in this type of event is first."

"So I think that says a lot.
I don't know about Nintendo. Nintendo do their own thing.
Xbox, to some extent, do their own thing.
I've seen Phila around too."

"But Nintendo would be great.
It's just this is Jeff's format.
So we'll see about that.
I think it's fair enough, right?
I think it's about time we do the batch drop, traditional."

"We did that, we did three.
Normally we would have a lot of batches, but this time around it's about batch drop.
It's about these ones."

"We didn't do it with the Xbox ones.
Probably should have bought them as well.
We got one badge at least.
See you next year."

"OK, later guys."

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