Kenwood Multi Pro 1 Touch (Quick Look) - A Smart Kitchen Assistant

Kenwood's latest device is a kitchen companion for many of your cooking needs.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We actually not too long ago took a look at the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL which is essentially a mixer which uses some smart home ideas in order to enhance the experience of using it which is a general trend that we're seeing more and more of particularly in the kitchen space and something that means that we are more inclined to get into that because it just means that we're utilizing technology in order to improve some of the things that we do every day and luckily Kenwood is doing a lot of this stuff and doing it very well."

"So this in front of me right here is the MultiPro OneTouch.
Now this is something as simple as a freaking blender and a food processor but it is so much more than that because as you can probably see here this little display is so much more involved than your regular blender or food processor which basically at least for many many years amounted to either being on or off."

"Let's go over the fundamentals first.
So right here we have a three litre bowl which essentially is the food processing part.
That means that there is a cutter at the bottom where you can put your items in there and it will automatically slice and dice."

"You also get a 1.5 litre blender but that is not the be all and end all of the accessories.
There are many many pieces within the overall box with the MultiPro OneTouch which basically lets you do a whole host of different things and do them in a very particular sense depending on the items that you need cooked or chopped or whatever the case might be."

"But we are getting to the smartification stuff.
So there is an integrated digital scale so that means that by the way I can't move this.
The reason I can't move this is that there is these suction cups at the bottom which suspends it in the air."

"Maybe you can sort of see if I wiggle it a little bit that it is actually suspended like you would with a weight where the weight kind of has to be able to move dynamically up and down.
Well this is a digital scale and this display here is called the OneTouch custom function and that basically means that you can have preferred recipes saved here meaning that if you for instance made a smoothie with the blender that you really liked that had the combination of various portions of ingredients that you thought were really tasty or fits maybe a dietary plan or something like that well then you can save it and have it ready as a OneTouch custom function whenever you return to this device."

"That is infinitely cool and it's something you have to pitch once even to a person that isn't really gadget inclined for them to say that sounds really cool.
And it also has some really basic stuff that you probably didn't have before which is still nice which is like a built-in timer and then it combines that with all of the things that I wasn't aware of obviously because I've never had a Kenwood food processor or blender but stuff that technologies that they've secured and patented over the years that means that it's really good at the basic things that it's supposed to be good at."

"It has ever sharp blades which does not dull and there is again a patented technology that prevents it from doing that.
It has ice crush meaning that this blender can blend ice reliably all the time every time and it has something called express serve which basically means that it remembers these things and it knows what kind of items are in it."

"Again for around $300 it is a freaking steal because not only is it a Kenwood item meaning that basic build quality and again the amount of accessories that you get in the box something as granular as a little bag for all of your different like blades and accessory items you get that just by buying the regular item and if you know anything about consumer electronics you know that excess in in giving you more than you basically purchased is really rare."

"So it's nice to see it here and again for around $300 you just feel like you're getting a lot of utility for your money.
We'll be doing a full review and a full walkthrough of all the things that you do get with your MultiPro OneTouch."

"See you soon."





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