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GRTV News - Life by You Cancelled

Paradox's Sims competitor will never see the light of day.

Audio transcription

"Hello there, welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex, as always covering the afternoons latest and greatest when it comes to gaming, gear, tech, entertainment, whatever you like, whatever you love, we've always got it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor Network as a whole, so if you like gaming reviews, movie reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content and so, so much more, be sure to check out Gamereactor wherever you get it from, but without further ado, some sad stuff today, we can see a little Alex cameo in the corner here, but yes, Paradox's Life By You, the thing that was meant to be the sort of competitor to The Sims, The Sims killer if you were, depending on how hyped you were for it, has been canned, it's been cancelled, as we can see here, we last talked about it when it was getting delayed indefinitely because it was meant to launch in Early Access on the 4th of June, but in the 21st of May I believe, it was put into sort of indefinite limbo, it was delayed by Deputy CEO of Paradox, Matthias Lilja, who also wrote the following in a blog post about the cancellation, where he says, Though a time extension was an option, once we took that pause to get a wider view of the game, it became clear to us that the road leading to a release that we felt confident about was far too long and uncertain."

"So yeah, it sucks by the looks of things, it absolutely, in today's gaming age a lot of games finish, will launch in Early Access, they come out unfinished and it's usually up to the player base to sort of piece together whether they like it enough in Early Access or whether they think it's got no legs."

"So for Paradox to come in and cut it so close to that release of that Early Access launch really shows that whatever they had was not working and it would have been a disaster, which is not a good look for Paradox at all.
I mean, if we think last year when the Lamplighters League launched and it wasn't, it was apparently a pretty good game but it didn't sell well, Paradox is in need of a hit, is in dire need of a hit."

"If you've seen Millenia, the game from Paradox, the new 4X strategy game that's launched in Early Access, it's okay according to the people that are playing it, but again, not many people are playing it.
Paradox is in need of a hit and a lot of people are hoping Live Fire U could be that hit but it just seems that that's not going to be the case, which is, it sucks because I hate to think about, especially in today's gaming industry, you don't just get to go back to the drawing board."

"Ultimately these complete failures, these scrappings of projects will lead to people losing their jobs and we've already had way too much of that.
Live Fire U's indefinite delay I thought was an interesting thing for it to be pushed back, I didn't expect it to lead to a cancellation to be honest, but it really must not have been that good."

"It must not have been that good at all, which is really sad to hear, especially if you're looking forward to it.
Were you looking forward to Live Fire U, are you alright with it being scrapped, did you even know what it was, let me know all that and more and I'll see you tomorrow for some more GRTV news, good."





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