The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

GRTV News - The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom announced at latest Nintendo Direct

The game will feature Princess Zelda as a protagonist, and will use a 3D cutesy art style similar to Link's Awakening.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News.
Today, as I was talking about yesterday, we're going to be talking a little bit about one of the announcements from the Nintendo Direct."

"Now I say one of them because there were a few quite big ones.
There was a new Mario and Luigi game coming out called Brotherhood, which is coming out in November I believe.
Metroid Prime 4 made an appearance, which now has the sort of subtitle of Metroid Prime 4 Beyond."

"It's coming out in 2025, but we got to see some gameplay and it looks really good.
It looks like, you know, it looks like a like a Doom game almost.
It looks absolutely fantastic.
But yeah, that's going to be coming out in 2025."

"So we're not going to be talking about that.
Instead, what I'm going to be talking about is one of the other games that's coming out relatively soon, actually.
And I say relatively soon."

"I mean, like very soon.
It's coming out in September, which is now shaping up to be an awesome month, if you like sort of cutesy looking games, because we've got a new Zelda coming out and it is actually a new Zelda as well."

"And it's using the sort of art style that we first saw really coined lately with the Link's Awakening remake with that sort of like 3D sort of look to it, 3D sort of adorable sprite like cute look to it.
So that's what we're going to take a look at today."

"And yeah, let's crack on.
New Zelda announced at the Nintendo Direct with the Princess playable.
Echoes of Wisdom imports Link's Awakening 3D finish, but tries to create a new playstyle by creating echoes of objects."

"It looked like it looked like the rumoured A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds remaster for the Switch, but no, the Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom is a new top down Zelda entry with the visual style of Link's Awakening remake and with its two main new features present in the title already."

"The first one that Zelda as possessor of the Triforce of Wisdom will be the main playable character with Link missing this time around.
The second one that the Trirod will grant her powers to replicate objects in the world in the new effort to create a new playstyle as per explained per series producer Eiji Aonuma."

"The Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom will release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 26th.
Now you can watch the trailer here if you want to on your local Game Rector region.
It's long, but it looks absolutely adorable."

"It looks like it's going to be like a highlight of September, but before we do move on, I want to bring up this here.
I'll just zoom in a little bit to where we want to be, which is this bit here.
So yeah, the Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom is set to Zelda and her wisdom to save the Kingdom of Hyrule in a brand new story in the Legend of Zelda series."

"The people of Hyrule are being stolen away by strange rifts that have appeared with a certain swordsman among the missing.
Team up with the mysterious fairy Tri and use the power of the Trirod to create echoes, imitations of things found in the environment."

"Then recreate those echoes whenever you like to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.
Use echoes of water blocks to reach new heights, make bridges out of old beds, throw rocks at foes or find your own creative combination of echoes to do things your way.
You can even create echoes of monsters to fight at your side in combat."

"Join Zelda and her quest to rescue Hyrule when the Legend of Zelda Echoes of Wisdom launches for Nintendo Switch on September 26th.
And again, this is also worth just looking at the bottom as well.
There is also for the release of this game going to be a Hyrule edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite, making its arrival as well, and it looks quite cool."

"So definitely check that out.
But yes, a new Zelda game has been announced and it is again like a new game as well.
This isn't a, you know, a 3D remake of one of the older Zelda titles.
This is a brand new Zelda game coming to the Nintendo Switch in September."

"So you know, if you like these sort of cutesy looking games, a lot to look forward to this September.
And a new Zelda game ending the month.
So yeah, very, very good time to enjoy some video games."

"And Xbox is going to be doing that very, of course, with Stalker, which is an entirely different vibe.
But yeah, a lot to look forward to this September.
But otherwise, loads of Nintendo Direct news."

"If you like sort of old games and you like sort of re-releases, re-remasters and whatnot, then lots of stuff in regards to that as well, including things coming to Nintendo Switch online.
So if you're a local gamer, that's a reason to check all that stuff out."

"But otherwise, I'll be back now tomorrow with the next GOTV News of the Week.
So yeah, nice and snappy quick one.
And yeah, we'll see you all on the next one.
Take care, everyone."





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