Sony Ult Field 7 (Quick Look) - Power Up the Party

Sony's new large speaker is perfectly fit for all your party needs.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look. Not too long ago I was part of a virtual briefing where Sony basically introduced their brand new lineup of speakers to the world.
Now Sony has actually been sort of nipping in the heels of JBL for a while, kind of making these boombox-esque, party-centric speaker lines that has garnered a lot of attention and success. So this particular series is called Alt, which I believe means Ultimate, but it's ULT, like, you know, capital letters, and then there are sub-series within that particular new series."

"And this Alt series, I think, might have some really good points and will be able to compete directly with some of the behemoths in this particular field. This, speaking of field, is called the Alt Field 7 and it is not considered to be the largest, but it is considered to be one of the larger versions of what you would be able to get when you're looking at Alt speakers."

"And you can immediately see the kind of tone that they've gone for. Carrying handles, boombox-esque shape, it is meant for young people and it is meant to power up the party in the way that JBL boombox or party box speakers have done before. That means really punchy bass and has to be able to withstand the elements, seeing as if you're taking this on a party trip to a beach somewhere, it has to withstand splashes of water, it has to withstand sand. There are a lot of demands for these kinds of speakers, so it seems like that Sony may have nailed it on this one. So, for one, this completely dwarfs competing battery lives in speakers such as JBL party box speakers, so that's 30 hours with this. It is also IP67 certified, so again, with many competing speakers you'll find an IPX rating, which means that they are rated for water and not for dust, but this is rated for dust as well. So that means that, for instance, going to the beach is now easier than it probably was before."

"There's also rust protection, which is important, particularly if it gets splashed with water and then that water stays there, for instance. Again, as I said, two carrying handles, which is nice, and on the other side we have a very basic panel of buttons. They are very clicky, I should say, which is very nice, but it's also protected by a layer of rubber, meaning that it doesn't mess with the IP67 rating, which is great. It is not particularly light, it's 6.3 kilograms and you can certainly feel that, so if you're carrying it in one hand with the one carrying handle, that is going to strain after not too long, but you could ostensibly put this in like a deep bag and then carry it on your shoulders, but again, it's a weird shape in this particular regard and it is pretty heavy, so I would keep that in mind. It is also heavy because it has a 5200 milliamp hour battery, which also is the battery size that benefits in terms of getting those to those 30 hours of battery life. Inside, we find two 4.5-inch woofers and two 1.8-inch tweeters and there's also two scaled subwoofer units, which we have measured to around 5.3 inches. That gives you a total of 90 watts of power. Now, that might be a drawback because some JBL speakers, which in price at least, competes directly with this, well, they have more watt and for a lot of people, it's the main sort of like, it's basically how loud can you go and some JBL speakers have the benefit of going to 120-130 watts for this price, but you probably will get a more balanced soundscape with this, I would be inclined to say, but that is something that we'll have to figure out."

"Sony has also made something called a sound field optimization suite, which basically means that it not only analyzes the way that the sound protrudes outward from inside the cabinet, it also analyzes the surroundings it's in, basically utilizing the reverb from, you know, getting the sound back after it reverberates or bounces off objects and adjusts it for noise."

"That is at least what Sony says. It's 500 euros and seems to be very well built. We'll see if it can stand up to the wear and tear of the lifestyle that it's meant to enhance in a full review.
Thank you so much for watching."





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