Samsung Odyssey OLED G6 (Quick Look) - Stunning Visuals without Compromise

This monitor brings together high-quality and rich visuals with fluid and fast performance, making it the ideal gaming companion.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
Not too long ago, we sent one of our riders to London to attend a very special monitor launch that was arranged by Samsung."

"And one of the monitors that they had to show was this.
This is the Odyssey OLED G6, and it's meant to be not so much of an entryway, but basically a more affordable and more accessible way of gaining entry into the Odyssey OLED family.
Because there have already been some, but they've been more prohibitively expensive and also larger in many cases."

"So what we have here is essentially a 27-inch version of a Samsung G Odyssey OLED, which is very exciting because this is probably the size that a lot of people will be picking up.
So what we're looking at is essentially the template, the blueprint of which the next couple of years of Samsung monitors will be built."

"So what is it like?
Well, first and foremost, the construction is very nice, I have to say.
Now this is not one of the Vufinity S-series monitors, which is more content creator oriented.
This is a gaming monitor."

"But considering that it is a gaming monitor, I actually think it's quite striking to look at.
And it feels a lot cooler to the touch, as if it's been made with some aluminum or metal alloy instead of just raw plastic."

"Time counts for this really large, be it, but nicely enough looking stand and the sort of the arm at the back here, I can perhaps show you real quick.
It is, I think, quite okay.
I mean, sure, it still has that futuristic spaceship looking feel to it, but because everything is this light gray, it's kind of laptop looky, almost as if Apple made some parts of it."

"And I do like the subtlety of it overall.
And I think we can do, if there's one thing I think a lot of people can agree with me on, is that you can do a lot worse than this, which is really nice words to say about a monitor in 2024, particularly the one meant for the gaming space."

"Now as I said, it's a 27 inch monitor.
You have this basic rotating arm back here with a lot of different ports.
So that's two HDMI ports, a display port out, and a couple of USB ports for some charging if that's what you want."

"And if we flip it around back here, there's a lot to like here as well.
It is a 27 inch, as I said, it's quad HD, which is nice enough.
It is an OLED, as I said, so quad HD OLED is quite nice, but it's 360 Hertz, which is also a lot and considered to be like at the very top of the high end only a few years back, which also shows how far we've come."

"But there are more great specifications to list off such as a response time of 0.03 milliseconds.
Really cool.
Alongside that you have FreeSync Premium Pro, which Samsung has been sporting for some years, which is great to see as well."

"And if you're the kind of person that dabbles in content creation as well, you'll be pleased to know that this is very close, like right on the cusp of 100% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, which probably means that the Delta E deviations is going to be less than two.
And if it is less than two, well, then the colors are pretty close to reference."

"There is a dynamic cooling system in here as well, as well as what Samsung calls the NQ8AI Gen 3 processor.
It's essentially an upscaling CPU unit from a Samsung TV, which Samsung says will help wonders even in a monitor space."

"That is something that we'll be exploring in a full written review.
So look out for that.
Prices aren't cheap per se, it starts at around 890 euros, but it is cheaper than Samsung has been able to make their monitors for a while."

"So considering that this is one of the brand new flagships, it's exciting and it's why we went to London to see it.
So for much more on that, as well as a review, stay tuned to Gamer Action.





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