Hunt: Showdown

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Shrek has grown to be a pop culture sensation ever since the first movie first launched, and now 20 years later, the IP is still going strong, albeit most recently as an Easter Egg in Crytek's Hunt: Showdown.

That's right, the spooky title has a Shrek secret hidden in the murky swamps: You can visit the iconic tree trunk shack that housed the giant green ogre in the game, and it even includes a detached outhouse, the very same location that originally kickstarted the Shrek journey.

The Easter Egg can be found somewhere in the bottom-left corner of the map (the exact locations are not provided), but to give you an idea as to what you'll be looking for, the Redditor who discovered and documented the shack, zzilla8 shared a picture that you can see below.

No word on whether Shrek himself is lurking anywhere near, however.

Hunt: Showdown
Image credit: zzilla8

Thanks, PCGamer.

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