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Vivid and Chap dropped by Cloud9

The Fortnite professionals were seemingly dropped around the start of the new year.

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In a surprising development, Ryan "Chap" Chaplo and Noah "Vivid" Wright have both been dropped by Cloud9, after only signing with the team a few months ago. The roster change was revealed by both Chap and Vivid, who each recently spoke out over Twitter discussing the sudden move.

"As of today I am released from Cloud 9," said Vivid. "To explain the situation... got a message yesterday inquiring about having a meeting today. Then today I got into the meeting with the Fortnite manager (Robin) over at C9 who basically immediately informed me that myself and Chap would be getting released today. There was no real explanation."

Chap on the other hand kept it much simpler stating "FREE AGENT... LOL."

Considering the pair are quite recognisable names in the Fortnite professional scene, who have seen success in competition beforehand, the handling of their signing and release is an unorthodox one. The strangest part is how Cloud9 has still yet to make any formal statement themselves regarding the releases a few days ago, although that could change at any point.


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