Void Bastards

Void Bastards is "player-driven, very player-led"

Art director Benjamin Lee explained that the game is more about the systems than the story, and also explained the infuences behind the game.

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Blue Manchu Games' Void Bastards was revealed last year, but since then we haven't had a whole lot of news on the game, which is why we had a lot to talk about when we interviewed art director Benjamin Lee at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) not too long ago. A lot has been made of the Bioshock links with this game, and we asked Lee to explain what this game is in short.

"Void Bastards is an immersive sim and a first-person shooter combined into one experience, so you're always balancing the strategy of your own decisions and your own goals that you come up with yourself, like 'what do I wanna do next, how am I gonna achieve it?'. You're always figuring that out for yourself in this nebula that you're trapped in in the story, and the goal is to escape this nebula by building enough tools and equipment to equip yourself to devise a way out of this nebula," Lee explained.

"So while it has a story, everything in it's very player-driven, very player-led [...] it's got a lot of strategy, there's survival elements to it, there's crafting elements to it, so it really is a system, when we talk about systemic shooters, it's got elements of all those things in it. And that all harks back to the System Shock 2 and Bioshock lineage, but I feel like when people have been asking me about that who've been playing it today, it really has become its own thing. Like, it's got the DNA of those games in it, but when I play it I don't feel like I'm playing System Shock 2. I feel like I'm having moments that feel a bit like System Shock 2, but there's a lot of other influences that have crept in," which he says includes Xcom and FTL.

Does this sound like a good mix of influences? If so, you might want to check out the brand new gameplay we've got for you here.

Void Bastards

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