Ten Dates

Wales Interactive's latest FMV title is a sequel to Five Dates

It's called Ten Dates and revolves around a speed dating event in London.

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Wales Interactive has become well known in the gaming space for its FMV titles. Over the years, we've had Bloodshore, Night Book, Late Shift, I Saw Black Clouds, and plenty of others. One that seemed to do quite well for the developer was Five Dates, a rom-com about online dating, and the reason we bring this up is because it is getting a sequel.

Arriving next month, this sequel will be known as Ten Dates and will be based on a speed dating event set in London. Like the original, it will also be a rom-com, and will star individuals from a few recognisable shows, such as Outlander's Rosie Day and The Witcher's Kaine Zajaz.

As for when exactly Ten Dates will debut, the FMV sequel will launch on February 14 and will be coming to pretty much every platform imaginable (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, iOS, and Android).

You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below.

Ten DatesTen DatesTen Dates

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