Want a water cooled RTX 4090 laptop?

XMG will sell a Neo 17, no questions asked.

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XMG has unveiled the new XMG NEO 17. It boasts 17" with graphics up to a GeForce RTX 4090, Intel Core i9-14900HX, but also improvements like improved routing of the water pipe in the interior for the XMG OASIS external laptop water cooling system. It will offer 240Hz WQXGA display, an optional mechanical keyboard with CHERRY MX ULP Tactile switches, 99Wh battery, and easy access to CPU undervolting and RAM overclocking.

Besides the Intel Core i9-14900HX, the XMG NEO 17 with 4080/4090 remains, and liquid metal (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut) for cooling the CPU and GPU.

Configurations with an RTX 4070 or RTX 4060 use phase-changing Honeywell PTM7958 thermal compound to cool the processor and graphics card.

The NEO 17 is outfitted with a very powerful air cooling system to operate the components at the maximum power limits without temperature-related throttling. This does however only apply to 4080/4090 models.

"Compared to the 2023 version, the modified routing of the water pipe on the heat pipes now also covers the CPU area in addition to the GPU in order to dissipate the excess heat from Intel's latest flagship processor more efficiently."

The central hub for all tuning options remains the comprehensive XMG Control Center, which not only provides predefined performance profiles, but also allows the creation of customised profiles - including the power limits, CPU temp target and fan curves.

The chassis integrates two RGB lighting strips at the rear air outlets. Storage options are two M.2 SSD slots with PCIe 4.0. The display is a 240Hz 16:10 IPS panel at 2560x1600 pixels, G-SYNC, 380 nits and 99% sRGB colour space.

Want a water cooled RTX 4090 laptop?

At CES, XMG is exhibiting additional gaming laptops that will be officially launched during the first and second quarter of 2024.

These include the XMG NEO 16 (E24) with a completely new all-aluminium chassis (display lid, top and bottom shell). In addition to the improvements of the NEO 17 (E24), including the upgrade to an Intel Core i9-14900HX, the 16-inch model features a 500 nits bright and 240Hz fast 16:10 display, an additional USB-C port, an improved connector for the XMG OASIS with guide pins for an even better support on the laptop, a larger touchpad and an optimised keyboard layout (numeric keypad with 4 lines, large Enter key, offset arrow keys).

XMG is also showing its first 15.3-inch laptop in 16:10 format: the XMG FUSION 15 (E24). With the 21.9 mm thin and around 2.0 kg light laptop, the first two models L19 and M22, which were developed in cooperation with Intel at the time, finally get a successor - this time featuring an all-aluminium instead of a magnesium chassis. The keyboard is designed as a full-size keyboard with membrane switches, and comes with an optimised layout as in the NEO 16 and is almost flush with the chassis frame so as not to compromise on functionality despite the compact chassis. The XMG FUSION 15 also employs a 500 nits bright IPS display with 240Hz and 2560x1600 pixels.

Starting price is € 1,949.

Want a water cooled RTX 4090 laptop?

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