Want an AI gadget to use your smartphone for you?

The Rabbit R1 is somewhat of an advanced interface between you and your smartphone.

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An AI butler is perhaps the best term for Rabbit's latest device, the R1, as it can learn about how you use devices, and can theoretically book your flights or edit documents for your after you have taught it how to do things.

While it may sound a bit outlandish, the first samples will be available in late March for those that paid $200 for it.

The team at Rabbit states:

"We have developed a system that can infer and model human actions on computer
applications, perform the actions reliably and quickly, and is well-suited for deployment in
various AI assistants and operating systems. Our system is called the Large Action Model
(LAM). Enabled by recent advances in neuro-symbolic programming, the LAM allows for the
direct modeling of the structure of various applications and user actions performed on them
without a transitory representation, such as text. The LAM system achieves results
competitive with state-of-the-art approaches in terms of accuracy, interpretability, and
speed. Engineering the LAM architecture involves overcoming both research challenges and
engineering complexities, from real-time communication to virtual network computing
technologies. We hope that our efforts could help shape the next generation of natural-
language-driven consumer experiences."

Want an AI gadget to use your smartphone for you?

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