War Child's Armistice campaign raised $122,000 USD

Four developers came together for the cause.

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The War Child Armistice campaign, using video games to raise money for children affected by war, has raised over $122,000 US dollars, which equates to roughly £99,991.

Four studios teamed up for the initiative, those being Positech Games, Wargaming.net, iNK Stories, and BlackMill Games & M2H helped raise the money via peaceful options, DLC, or simple sales donations, with Wargaming.net raising the most at $86,798.40 (around £68,306.47) and BlackMill Games & M2H raising $21,299.77 (roughly £17,018.73), the latter being responsible for Verdun's World War One armistice-themed DLC at Christmas.

Matt Hergaarden, CO-Founder of M2H, commented: "We're thrilled by the response to our Christmas Truce, and honored to be part of the War Child Armistice campaign. Over 60,000 players took a break from fighting to play football, throw snowballs, and send out 10,465 postcards. On top of all this, we saw 5,541 donations from our community - amazing!"

Positech Games contributed $15,166.92 (about £12,118.52) and iNK Stories made $1,275.73 (around £1019.32) through donating net incomes for their games, Democracy 3 and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday.

Peter Slater, EU Community manager for XSplit, said: "In collaboration with our community and stream team members, we set the challenge of live streaming pacifist playthroughs of popular games over seven days, to spread the word and share the message of War Child. Our fantastic community responded with funny and entertaining live streams across Twitch, and helped us raise over £2,000 in donations. We're happy to support War Child and thank all who participated"

Wayne Emanuel, Gaming Development Manager for War Child, added: "At War Child we're really overwhelmed by the generosity of the studios that took part. We'd also like to thank all the players who downloaded content or showed their support. War Child relies on support of partners like those who took part in Armistice to be able to provide our crucial work. We are already excited about the next Armistice where we hope we can build on this year's fantastic efforts and raise even more!"

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