Lego Battles

Warner Bros announce Lego Battles for DS

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Warner Bros have announced Lego Battles for Nintendo DS. Instead of building on licenses such as Star Wars or Batman this game features classic lego themes such as Lego Castle, Lego Pirates and Lego Space.

The game is being developed by Hellbent Games under supervision of TT Games. And it is scheduled for release this summer. The game will allow players to mix and match units in more than 70 different levels.

Here is a quote from the press release:

"LEGO Battles offers players the action-packed and humor-filled gameplay that make LEGO games great, along with the added bonus of linked multiplayer battles on DS," said Tom Stone, Managing Director, TT Games Publishing. "We are excited to introduce a new LEGO videogame experience to fans and young gamers and look forward to expanding upon the beloved toy lines."

Hmm, I would like to see this on a stationary console too. Sounds interesting. Make it happen TT Games!

Lego Battles
Lego Battles
Lego Battles
Lego Battles
Lego Battles

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