Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 just got even better with a new update

We have the extensive list of patch notes right here.

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If you are enjoying the excellent RPG Wasteland 3 right now for PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One - Inxile Entertainment has some good news for you. It has now released the update 1.1.1, which basically makes the game even better.

Amongst other things, the studio has added: "Numerous changes aimed at improving stability on consoles" as well as "slight load time improvements" (and promises more significant changes in that department later plus that the Antiques Appraiser perk loophole has been sorted out, but there are also several other things that have been adjusted.

Check out the link above for the massive patch list. What is your opinion on Wasteland 3 so far?

Wasteland 3

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