Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3's new trailer puts factions in the spotlight

InXile Entertainment's upcoming third instalment in its Wasteland series just received a new trailer and it's all about factions you'll get to align yourself with.

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InXile Entertainment's Wasteland series is all about choice and consequence and within that category of gameplay and narrative elements lie alignment options. As stated by the developer prior, what you do and what you say affects what others think about you in-game so if you want to stay friendly with a certain faction, you could end up messing up your relationship with another.

The latest trailer to be released hones in on these very factions and there are plenty of them to get to know such as the private militia The Patriarch's Marshals, communist-hating political cult The Gippers and post-apocalypse high-society The Hundred Families. Apart from these, The Refugees, The Payasos, The Scar Collectors, The Godfishers and The Dorseys were also mentioned - all of which, of course, are vastly different. Which will you align with? Take a look at the new trailer below.

Wasteland 3

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