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Watch an unused Bloodborne boss in action

We've got a new video from datamined content.

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The last few weeks have been rich in Bloodborne secrets, as players datamined the game in search of hidden and cut content, and now we've even got footage of a battle with a boss that isn't in the game, provided by Sanadsk. The video on their YouTube channel shows a fight against the Great One, one of the unused Chalice Dungeons bosses.

The fight itself is of course very limited, with a lot of elements missing from the environments, the boss, and even its own attacks, and it also seems quite an easy fight, as it probably wasn't properly balanced and finished. Still, it's fun to discover all these secrets regarding Bloodborne, especially considering From Software revealed something very recently that seems to indicate a sequel.

Have you been keeping up with all this datamined content?


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