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Watch Dogs: Legion voice actress patched after controversial statements about gender

Helen Lewis made these statements in a 2017 article in The Times.

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VGC has reported that voice actress and a "London-based journalist" Helen Lewis will be patched from Watch Dogs: Legion. She appears in two podcasts within the game world, and in them, she talks about the threat of fascism (in Watch Dogs: Legion's fictional world). The reason for this removal from the game is that her views about gender recently came to Ubisoft's attention.

In 2017, Lewis published an article in The Times (as reported by Jezebel in 2019) saying things that can be considered transphopic in our modern world.

"A man can't just say he has turned into a woman. What the government proposes is a radical rewriting of our understanding of identity: now it's a question of an internal essence—a soul, if you will. Being a woman or a man is now entirely in your head."

Now these statements have come back to haunt Lewis in late 2020, as her appearance in Watch Dogs: Legions has gathered negative attention on Twitter and on Reset Era. Ubisoft has provided a statement to Kotaku saying that she will be removed from Watch Dogs: Legion.

"We were made aware of controversial remarks from a journalist whose voice-over performance appears in two in-game podcasts in Watch Dogs: Legion. Neither Ubisoft nor the game reflect this journalist's viewpoints. --- While the in-game podcasters are following a pre-approved script and are not speaking in their own name or with their own opinions, we understand this collaboration itself may be seen as offensive and we deeply regret any hurt this has caused. In response, we will be replacing these two podcast episodes in an upcoming update and will reinforce our background checks for partners in the future."

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Watch Dogs: Legion

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