Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Watch Fox McCloud join Starlink in Switch gameplay

We also had a chat with the narrative director about the Star Fox integration.

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We were able to capture direct feed gameplay of the Switch version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas playing as Fox McCloud, check out the video clip below:


We also caught up with lead narrative director Joshua Mohan to learn more about the story, the creation of the Starlink universe and how it fits together with the Star Fox brand.

"We were able to come up with something completely brand new and what that allowed us to do was make something that really fits with the style of game we're making, that really fits with the toys and that innovation that's really the heart of our game", said Mohan. "So what that let us do is we were able to create a really cool cast of characters that mesh really well and allow you to play as any one of them. We were able to create really interesting factions that you encounter throughout the game [...] There's a dynamic system going on underneath the hood that allows you to simulate the entire conflict between the legion and the factions, it's happening all the time."

These factions are based on what you'd see historically during the Gold Rush.


"We were super lucky to be able to work with Nintendo and integrate the Star Fox brand, cause we're all super huge fans of the Star Fox brand, obviously," explained Mohan. "What works about it is that Star Fox, himself, and his crew, are an independent-spirited group of people and it fits with our story and the kind of world we're building so they were able to integrate really seamlessly into our story and into our game. They're obviously in Atlas for their own reasons, but they partner with Starlink and each group try to help each other. So Star Fox has its own group of missions, its own sort of side story that you can enjoy on the Switch, and also in the beginning of the game and much of the game is actually different, you'll hear a different dialogue, you see different cinematics on the Switch, because we really wanted to integrate Star Fox into the story rather than having him feeling too much like the side thing."

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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