eFootball PES 2020

Watch some exclusive eFootball PES EURO 2020 gameplay

Data Pack 7.0 will arrive tomorrow, but we can already show you how it feels to play at Wembley.

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On the eve of Data Pack 7's arrival on eFootball PES 2020, Konami kindly shared an exclusive look at the UEFA EURO 2020 content that game owners will be able to download and enjoy for free with Gamereactor viewers.

In the video below we've extracted the highlights from a full England vs. Spain match at the legendary Wembley Stadium, which is being added to the game together with the St. Petersburg stadium as the new Euro venues.

Play on to see Rashford, Sterling, Kane, Morata, Rodrigo, or Jordi Alba with official kits and graphics from EURO 2020, the big sports event which has been postponed until 2021 in the real world, but we encourage you to play digitally starting tomorrow, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Fancy a Gamereactor Europe-wide tournament?


Stay tuned to Gamereactor and to our Game On page for more exclusive news and content in the following days and weeks.

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