Starlink: Battle for Atlas

We head back into Starlink on our stream, this time on PC

Ubisoft's game has just taken off on PC, with new content landing at the same time revolving around the Crimson Moon.

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Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas first took off last year on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One, but at the end of April this year another platform joined the fight as the game finally launched on PC. That's not all though, as there's also a content update revolving around the mysterious Crimson Moon as well, landing on all platforms.

To celebrate both the new content and the PC version we're heading back into the game on today's livestream, on PC as you might have guessed. If you want to join us in the cockpit, make sure to head on over to our live page from 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) to see how Sam does when he takes to the skies.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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