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League of Legends

We know the venues for MSI and the Worlds

They're pretty far apart.

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If you've been sitting biting your nails waiting eagerly to find out where the MSI and Worlds, two huge tournaments in the world of LoL, will be taking place, then we've got good news, as Riot Games has today announced where both of them will take place, although you'll be travelling pretty far for at least one of them.

The MSI, firstly, will be heading to Brazil, specifically São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, from April 28 to May 21. The first stay, the Play-In stage, will take place between April 28 to May 6 at the CBLOL studio in São Paulo, and after that the group stage will occur from May 10-14 at the Jeunesse Arena (formerly known as the Rio Arena). The knockout stage will then take place from May 19-21 at the same arena.

In terms of the Worlds, though, that's on a totally different continent quite a way away. The Worlds are heading to China between September 23 and October 29, going to Guanhzhou, Shanghai, and Wuhan, with the prestigious finals on November 4 seeing the World Champions crowned at the Beijing National Stadium (the Bird's Nest). Before that, though, the Play-In stage will take place between September 23 and 29 at the Wuhan Sports Center, the group stage will be played between October 5 and 15 at the same place, the quarter finals will be played between October 19 and 22 and the Guangzhou Gymnasium, and the semi finals will be played between October 28 and 29 at the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

Also in the announcement was the reveal that all 13 professional leagues will participate in the MSI and Worlds, as they said they're "expanding these tournaments to be more inclusive of all regions, as well as to give fans an opportunity to see their teams compete against the best in the world and earn their place amongst them." What this also means is that they are retiring International Wildcard events and won't use the IWC classification.

Seeding will also be changed for MSI and Worlds this year, as seeds will be based on previous competitive results too, like MSI and Worlds for the past two years. If you were wondering what the Play-In stage we mentioned earlier is, Riot also explain this too. "We'll be expanding the tournament format of both MSI and Worlds to accommodate all regions with a new phase, the Play-In Stage. This new stage will happen before the Group Stage. The Play-In Stage format and participating teams will vary for MSI and Worlds." As if tht wasn't enough information to take in, as well as the top four regions at MSI claiming top four seeds at the Worlds, the top region out of BR, CIS, JPN, LAN, LAS, OCE, SEA, and TUR will also get an additional seed.

Are the venues a good choice by Riot, and are the changes to seeding equally wise?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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