Sea Salt

We learn about Lovecraft-inspired action-RTS Sea Salt

YCJY Games' Josef Martinovsky had a chat with us at GDC about the game where you control a horde that's out to get a wicked bishop.

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We caught up with YCYJ Games' (The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human) Josef Martinovsky at the European Games Showcase in San Francisco during GDC. The new game from the studio is an action-RTS game in which you control a horde of monsters, essentially turning the mechanics of most action-RPGs on its head.

"What you do is you control a hive mind that is a bunch of monsters together", explains Martinovsky. "It's always a little hard to explain because when you see it you realise these monsters combine into one being, but in a sense, they have their own individual minds. So they all have their own powers and you build up this army and what you're doing is you're trying to get to the bishop who is in charge of your church."


The game is very close to release (on PC), but hopefully, it can come to consoles as well (if all goes well).

Sea SaltSea Salt

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