Mad Max

"We missed no opportunity to have explosions in Mad Max"

We caught up with senior game designer Marcus Andrews from Avalanche Studios.

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We caught up with senior game designer Marcus Andrews to learn more about the wasteland, explosions, vehicle customisation and random encounters found in Mad Max. Where does the video game fit in with the rest of the universe then?

"I like to think of it as all of the movies are windows into one wasteland and we try to connect all of that," says Andrews. "Since you're going to be inside of the wasteland in the game we try and think if we extrapolate everything in between all the movies, between everything and all the material we know about, that we've read about, so we can get that complete experience."

Avalanche have a history of explosions and crazy stunts with the Just Cause series and naturally Mad Max delivers in this respect as well. Andrews detailed how the team had made sure to deliver on explosion at any given opportunity.


Andrews also had a lot to say about how customisation and upgrades were key motivators to players, not only in order to enhance your Magnum Opus ride, but also to tailor it to your preferred playstyle. He also touched on how the open world has been designed and what kind of random events we can expect to encounter.

Mad Max will see release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 1.

Mad Max

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