We play some Cardpocalypse with Gambrinous

An in-depth look at a game about being the new kid at school and conquering an ever-evolving collectible card game.

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Cardpocalypse isn't your average collectible card game, in fact, the collectible card game is merely the combat mechanic inside of an interesting looking adventure where as Jess, the new kid at school, you need to gain acceptance and well, save the world.

We sat down for a closer look at the game and its curious mechanics that will let players tweak cards with stickers and change the rules of the card game as the story progresses.

"Cardpocalypse, essentially, is a game about thinking back to being in school and collecting card games," says Gambrinous founder Colm Larkin. "There's a whole lot of card games people collected like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon cards, so it's capturing that feeling."


Cardpocalypse is planned for release "towards the end of the year" and is coming to PC, all consoles, and mobile.


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