Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

We take a look back at PES League WT 2018 Europe

Both the Broken Silence co-op team and individual winner Sofia joined us.

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The PES League Europe round in Berlin wrapped up this past weekend as you know, and even though both Ettorito and Alex Alguacil (who lost in the semi-finals and final respectively) were left yearning for more right when they were about to taste individual success at the event, their collective triumph as a team didn't feel bittersweet at all, as they clearly show along with their teammate Luca Tubelli in the GRTV interview below.

For them it was a very exciting time, as they were incredibly proud of being the champions, and they even go as far as saying they're the favourites now for the World Finals (though they point out French trio Neo Esports is their most fearsome rival).

How they play, which was the key to success, or how the team came together solving communication issues between two Italians and a Spaniard are the talking points of the video:


Besides, we also got to interview the brilliant individual champion Naoki 'Sofia' Sugimura. The Japanese player looks back at how he reached the 'local' semi-finals in Tokyo but now ended up being proclaimed the winner in Berlin. In the interview he talks about his play style, mindset, and he also reveals where that 'girly' nickname comes from...


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