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Horizon Forbidden West

We wish this Horizon pop-up café would have stuck around forever

Hopefully this is the first step in a future expansion into food for Sony.

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This past weekend, a Horizon Forbidden West-themed pop-up café in the centre of Paris let you eat like a Nora, giving customers plenty of dishes inspired by Guerrilla Games' Horizon franchise.

However, the café only lasted from the 9 to the 11th of February, meaning it's very likely you didn't get a chance to try it out. You can check out videos of the food and all the other interesting paraphernalia hung around the café, but this only makes us wish Sony set up lots of similar locations around the world.

After the recent PlayStation Super Bowl ad, it's clear Sony is ramping up its marketing, showing off all its exclusive franchises, from God of War to Spider-Man. The Horizon café is just a small part of this marketing grand plan, but it's certainly one that's drawn a lot of eyes to it.

This is an ad:

Would you eat at the Horizon café? Which other Sony franchise should get its own mini restaurant in the future?

Horizon Forbidden West

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