Sonic Forces

We won't be reviewing Sonic Forces before release

Sega's new platformer launches on Tuesday, along with "various updates".

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If you were interested in Sega's new take on high-speed 3D platforming you may want to know that Sonic Forces releases on November 7, although it seems you won't be able to check out reviews of the game before that day as, following recent trends, Sega won't ship review codes before launch, as the game will be updated on release.

When questioned over the no pre-launch review policy, the official Twitter page responded with the following message: "We have a patch with various updates going live day of launch. Thank you for being patient!"

This shouldn't be an indication of the final game's quality, we should add, as sometimes developers must work around the clock in the final stretch to polish the experience. Also, Bethesda's Wolfenstein II and The Evil Within 2 followed the same policy as well.

Either way, the information available to customers prior to release is limited as a result. Will you be getting the game regardless?

Sonic Forces

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